Sage | 6 months

28 03 2015

Sage | 6 months

Sage 6 months monthly onesie

I can’t believe half a year has gone by since the night labor began as I was about to collapse into bed after a long day at work, 2 days past my due date. We welcomed you into the world in the wee hours of the next morning and held off on sharing the news for several hours until we knew our families would be awake, savoring those first precious, quiet hours getting to know you.

We’ve been taking it slowly ever since. We’re not in a rush to meet milestones, but you have been growing steadily, passing the 18-lb mark. You enjoy being in walkers and rolling around on blankets, and we even put you in a stroller for the first time a couple days ago so we could stroll around the neighborhood  in the gorgeous spring weather. We were back to snow today, so you loved staying inside with Mommy and playing with your feet, nursing and giggling with Brother, while Daddy went for a long run and then a hike with our church group.

I returned to work when you were 13 weeks old, and I can’t believe I’ve now been back at work longer than I stayed home with you. The last 3 months at work have FLOWN!

You gobble up rice cereal, banana Mum-Mums (rice rusks), and Stage 1 purées, but you still prefer mama’s milk. You drink 20 oz of my expressed milk at daycare each day. You like your Wubba pacifier okay, but you prefer sucking on the side of your hand.

You generally sleep 8:30 PM-5 AM with 15 minute catnaps here and there throughout the day.

If you’re not being held, you have to be propped up where you can see everyone or you get unsettled. But you don’t cry about much.

I’ve caught you and E laughing together in the car and when he thinks I’m not listening, and it is the sweetest thing. You are just as much a gift to him as you are to your parents!

I wear you everywhere in my carrier still, but I’ll be excited the day you can stand on your own – you are getting heavy!! You’re wearing 9 month, 12 month, and 12-18 month clothing, depending on the brand.

With blonde hair, you favor your daddy, but for now you still have my blue eyes. You don’t have any teeth, but you charm us with  your dimples! You’re a little too top-heavy to sit on your own for very long, but it will come and soon you will be thrilled to see everything!

You’ve started chattering a lot more, saying “hey,” “hi,” and “Da-Da,” which I think was a fluke utterance but maybe…?

You could probably sit still to watch an entire movie, unlike anyone else in our family, and you love music. Bouncing and flying are your favorites, even though they make you spit up, but you hate being startled! You still drool constantly and spit up almost every time I feed you. Your most favorite thing of all is to spend time with us, for which I am so thankful.

Sage - 6 month onesie collage

Your birth story

Months 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Weekending | Out of Hibernation

23 03 2015

Our spring weekends are suddenly booked and filled with all things spring – from bridal showers and weddings, to hikes and church happenings. This weekend was an excellent start to kicking off spring.

On Thursday, we participated in a local consignment sale of baby clothes and toys. I was able to buy many spring clothes and shoes in the next size up (nothing more than $4) for both boys while selling lots of their old baby stuff we no longer need.



I also took advantage of Target’s dress sale for a few upcoming spring weddings. I tried on about 14 dresses but stuck with two.


Saturday morning, I got in a run and then spent some time in Michaels collecting what I needed to decorate for a bridal shower this weekend. They now have an entire aisle dedicated to chalkboard art!



That afternoon, we visited the library and drove to a giant playground to enjoy the stunning spring weather. E has been begging me to go back to the library for awhile now – he really misses the puppets, guitars, and cookies from storytime, and I feel sooo guilty that I work and can’t take him now! Maternity leave was such a priceless gift.



IMG_2187Baby Sage is coming up on his half birthday, so we tried him on his first solid food (other than ice cream). Much unlike his brother, he gobbled up every bit of 2 servings of rice cereal. He grabbed the spoon from me and shoved it in his mouth and then went for the bowl! Poor thing doesn’t know peas and squash are next on the menu.


We spent time in worship at church on Sunday then headed out to spend time with my husband’s family. We hung out, celebrated several birthdays, and worked on bridal shower plans. E’s favorite part was riding the tractor with Pops.



While my husband and I got competitive at darts, the cousins engineered some Chuggington tracks together.



Our visit ended abruptly with a family emergency, so we headed home late and were thrown back into the workweek.

Is it Friday again yet??

Five on Friday

20 03 2015

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy.

one | We spent time with friends this weekend, and had the most gorgeous scenic drive to their house!

IMG_2061 two | We took a second road trip to my in-laws’ to work on plans for an upcoming bridal shower. While we were there, we scoped out the next big DIY project on our plates… or should I say, under them.


My in-laws live near a Trader Joe’s, so I picked up some treats for my coworkers after we finally submitted the yearbook we designed!


three | St. Patrick’s Day was a fun day to dress up and reminisce about the time I spent gallivanting around Ireland with my college roomie.


That same day, I dropped off 115 baby items to sell at a local kids’ consignment sale that sets up shop twice a year. While out and about, I redeemed some freebies at the mall and tried on a few jackets for spring. (I was taking pictures to compare jackets from 3 different stores – I don’t usually take mirror selfies!) It was sooo weird to be shopping sans kids, like a dream. I would have pinched myself, but I was wearing green.


four | School pictures came back! While I only bought their class group photos and none of the ones pictured below, a couple of their poses were cute!



five | As Sage gets old enough to really interact more and more with his big brother, I’m so grateful that I wanted them close together in age. I love that E loves having a baby brother.


Always, always

13 03 2015

Happy birthday, my little star.

My Willow Tree

March 13, 2012 was my first due date; our precious baby would have turned 3 today. And while my story, laments, and conversations with God are penned in the privacy of tear-stained journal pages, and in a book I started writing but never finished, I will share this bridge today… the bridge that opens with “he would have been three today…

I believe always, always
Our Savior never fails
Even when all hope is gone
God knows our pain and his promise remains
He will be with you always

“Always” – Jason Roy, Building 429

March baby

My comfort came most in reading His words… Psalm 126:5 and Romans 5:3-5 were the promises to which I clung during the most difficult time of my life.

Hurricane Irene

8.27.11 Hurricane Irene over our backyard

Five on Friday | oh hey, spring?

13 03 2015

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy.

one | Spring is trying to squeeze its way in between the snow and the ice… we’ve had several clear days to play outside this week!



two| …but we’ve also had some snow days, so we busted out “Just Dance” on the Wii. I can’t believe I have a child old enough to dance with, now that we’ve turned it on for the first time in 3 years. (Easy hack: you can play this on YouTube, like I do with my students.)


three | Snowy and rainy days called painting with shaving cream!


four | It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday I love. I stayed a few weeks at my college roomie’s house in Ireland! This onesie was actually the first thing I bought for Sage:


five | We are all in panic-mode at work lately, and on top of my normal duties,  I’m planning a Career Day and designing the school yearbook, which gets submitted TODAY. It has been difficult with missed time due to snow, plus our internet has been really spotty at work for a few weeks. I bought some combination locks to help our 5th graders feel more confident about transitioning to middle school! I’m taking the kids on a field trip there in a couple weeks. I thought they made a pretty picture as I tested and recorded all the combinations!


Happy Friday! Today is a mixed bag of emotions for me – that post will be up later today. I’m excited to try a new recipe this weekend while we head to our friends’ house for a long-overdue visit.

Sage | 5 months

10 03 2015

Sage - 5 month collage


17 lbs., 15 oz. |26″ long

Blonde hair, blue eyes

Sage! As you’re (too) quickly approaching your 6-month HALF BIRTHDAY (and yes, I already know your birthday party theme!), I’m throwing together my thoughts on life with you at 5 months. We love you so, so much and could have not asked for a better brotherhood between you and E – you are in awe of everything he does. He will always put on a smile and coo for you, no matter what terrible-2s-tantrum he is throwing. He made up an “all-done-crying” song that he sings to you when you’re crying, to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” Usually in the car. It always makes you stop. I never think you look like him, but my TimeHop app shows me otherwise.



(The day E dressed himself)


Your brother loves to read to you, and you love to listen. The other day, E read to you for AN HOUR.


You are the happiest, flirtiest baby. Your teachers at school are forever telling me how you flirt with them and stare at an older (9-month-old) baby named Annabelle alllll day. One day, you had big alligator tears all over your face when I arrived because Annabelle had just gone home! You also flirt with girls on TV.

You love your daddy so, so much. Just like your brother did as a baby, you always come to me for comfort snuggles and milk, then reach for your daddy for playtime and giggles! Your face lights up in a way only reserved for daddy.


You are still nursing like a champ, and I’m pumping 2-3 times a day (always twice at work).  You get super cranky at 8:30 PM and fuss until you pass out, so we dim the lights, tuck you into your Rock n Play, and you sleep til 4-5 AM. You’ve long-since outgrown your Rock n Play, but you refuse to sleep anywhere else. Except on your parents.


When we tried your Pack n Play beside our bed, even with a rolled towel wedged under the mattress, you cried all night long, so it was back to the Rock n Play that our pediatrician hates so much. We put E in the crib in his nursery at 6 months, and you’ll be there soon. I’m not ready for that! Once I get you down in the evenings, I leave to get Brother Bear down, so he’s been going to bed a little later than normal lately. You sleep with your head at the oddest angle!


The only foods you’ve tried are ice cream and (licking) cucumbers. But you’re aggressive about food, often grabbing my cereal bowl or any utensil. You kick your legs and make all kinds of noises when food is near you! We picked up a few things for you to try in the next couple weeks. Stage 1, here we come.


You absolutely still love bathtime and diaper changes. You kick and splash to your heart’s content in your blue plastic bathtub. Your hair is blonde and very soft! You love to play with your toes and often reach for them or for toys. Lately, you’ve been reaching for mommy’s cheeks, pressing your palms flat against my face! You’re ticklish under your arms, along your feet, and when we squeeze your squishy thighs! You love hundreds of kisses at your neck.


Sitting in the Bumbo helps you, but you’ve only sat independently a few times. You’ll happily play with your “crinkle book” from Aunt Laura, your Wubbas, and really any toy. You enjoy the walker both at home and at school. You easily say “hey” and “hi” to us.



I spend a lot of time dancing with you. Music makes you so happy. I often dream about what song we’ll dance to at your wedding, and about how someday, I won’t be able to toss you up like I do now, and that makes me sad. I treasure our snuggly dances! Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift are your favorites.

At almost 18 lbs, you’re bigger than E was at your age, so we’ve had to buy you a different season of clothes than he wore. You’re mostly in Carter’s 9-12 months, Gap 6-12/12-18 months. You went back to the doctor today to see a specialist, so your stats are legit.

Gap boys


You’re happy, easily consoled, and squishy. You laugh with your mouth wide open. We are so blessed that you’re in our little Party of Four!

Five on Friday

6 03 2015

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy.

one | Both my boys were sick this snowy, icy week. While I volunteered at church, my husband took Sage to the pediatrician, where he had his first Nebulizer treatment! My friend braved the snow to drop off a diffuser for essential oils. Our house smells SO good right now! I’m thinking that I should have bought one of these to prevent of all the pediatrician co-pays we’ve forked over this winter!

Nebulizer 3

March sick day

two | I ran in a 4.5-mile “mud run” in the snow last weekend (recap here)… and my friends and I were featured in our local paper the next day!


My friend and I are running in the bottom picture, and the girl scaling the wall was also in our group.

three | E holds it together all day at school, and loses it when we get home everyday. I’m sure it’s a mix of being “hangry,” having lots of needs, wanting control and attention, and unwinding after being on his best behavior all day. In an attempt to implement structure into this transition home (while I’m unloading the car, feeding the baby, putting pumped milk away, and emptying cloth diapers into the washer), I’ve made him a picture chart to help him establish habits. I’m going to post these picture series where he can see them when we get home.

Elijahs afternoon 1 Elijahs afternoon 2

four | I won a contest at our local cloth diaper store… a bottle of teething oil! I’m saving it for Sage’s Easter basket. And if you don’t have one of these Easter egg hunt eggs… they’re so fun! We have Maggie the Cow, found (the first time) at our local toy store. :)


five | And I will leave you with this tidbit… I can’t even… I don’t know… ??


Happy Friday! Oh, and if anyone comes across some of THIS at Trader Joe’s… we polished off our jar in 3 days and NEED more.


Mad Anthony Mud Run | 4.5 snowy miles

28 02 2015

My coworkers invited me to join their team on a local 4.5-mile mud run, so I signed up back in early December. Over the past few weeks, we accumulated approximately 18″ of snow, so the mud run logo was appropriately changed from:




We shuttled from a shopping center to the park… the bus took us off-roading into the snow!

IMG_1722 IMG_1723

We tried to warm up by the fire before trekking to the starting line, but our toes were already frozen. HURT.


The race started out COLD, but luckily the sun came out in full-force just as Corral 2 was called to approach the starting line. Our official race results said it was 9 degrees at the start, and there were 391 finishers.



We started by running uphill through the snow. It felt like trying to run in a swimming pool. Or really deep sand. The course was interspersed with a number of obstacles, most of which were really fun! I didn’t take any pictures, although I wore my phone in my SPIBelt (in a LifeProof case, in a Ziploc bag.)

Battle 1: Tire pit
Battle 2: Tunnel Underground
Battle 3: Hay bale climb

Battle 4: Wall Climb
Battle 5: Under /over logs
Battle 6: Swamp run, river crossings & tunnel
Battle 7: Net Crawl
Battle 8: Mystery Obstacle
Battle 9: Tube crawl

There were also a bunch of slushy/icy wooden balance beams over the river, but the scariest obstacles were the concrete tunnel “aqueducts” that run at an angle under both directions of the interstate and the grassy median, both full of knee-deep rushing water. You trudge through one, run around the park, and return via the other. They are LONG:
The race official on the bus assured us that we could bypass these obstacles due to the cold temps today, but there was no way to bypass them. We had to step off a snowy bank, down into the tunnels. From the website: “Hopefully you survive the fence and river crossings in one piece before making your way to safety through our darkened tunnel.  Prepare to meet your match!  Prepare to get wet!
First of all, the tunnels were mostly pitch-black. I couldn’t see the people around me, so I held onto the wall with my right hand and sloshed through. We were knee-deep in water and I was very careful not to splash any higher than that for fear of my wet clothes freezing later. When we emerged, soaked, the cold water actually acted as an insulator, and my feet warmed up! On the return trip, we entered a different tunnel, and there was a small concrete ledge running the length of the tunnel, so I walked on that, walking my hands along the roof like monkey bars. (It was still pitch black. I was terrified of slipping and falling in!)
Most of the race route consisted of watching my footing as I ran through the snow. Where it had been trampled by hundreds of runners, there were icy stretches, and I fell twice into the deep snow. Every so often, we’d bottleneck into a fun obstacle, mostly testing our upper body strength. For all the crawling obstacles, being short actually helped me because I didn’t have to army crawl or put weight on my knees for any of them.
I did have one really scary mishap.
While trying to bypass getting my feet refrozen in one very wet, swampy area, I was sucked down into the springs like quicksand, engulfed in freezing water up to my chest! Luckily I was able to think fast to pull myself out, only then noticing the warning cones that had fallen over, floating around that area. I was soaked to the bone, through all 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, my leg compression sleeves, and 2 pairs of socks. My fleece pullover was quickly frozen stiff. For the rest of the race, I had no choice but to run to stay warm, for fear that my pants would freeze if I slowed down.
Runners who were around me when I sunk gave me hugs later, assuring me that, “we would have pulled you out!” There is nothing like the camaraderie of the running community. They were really scared for me!
Right after that, I thumped a deer crossing sign and then saw a deer scampering through the brush in the snow. Reminds me of that radio show call-in segment. You know the one?
One obstacle required carrying a cinderblock up the hill and back down. I opted to answer a trivia question and received an exemption! So that’s where my running buddy and I parted ways; she wanted to do the carry to practice for Spartan. I decided to save my back, since I had my spine fused when I was 17.
There were several fun parts of the course, like sliding down muddy-snow hills or grand jete-ing over the river onto slush.

Somehow I missed the memo that the race was 4.5 miles (I thought it was 4), so once I passed the 4-mile marker I started to question just how many miles I had signed up for! 5? 6? 10? 12? I finished and accepted the mylar emergency blanket that every finisher received, along with my medal. I had so much mud on my shirt and sleeve from where I had to pull myself up out of the springs. Being able to do 10 pullups in high school certainly came in handy! Although one sufficed in this case.


IMG_1732 IMG_1733

I changed every piece of clothing behind the porta-potties – I wasn’t waiting in line for the restroom:


In another near-scare after the race, I choked on my bagel quarter and almost needed the Heimlich. I remember trying to rasp something to my husband while it was lodged in my throat. We finally warmed up by the fire in dry clothes – so happy!


We caught the very last shuttle back to our car and walked around Target in our race getup. Of COURSE I ran into a coworker… oops!

I’m SO sore now – hopefully this kid will give me back my foam roller soon!



Other blog reviews of past years:

Obstacle Racing Media

Five on Friday | Messy Hair, Don’t Care

27 02 2015

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy.

one | Picture day is coming up, which meant E was due for a haircut. The first place I took him was closed, and at the second place, our favorite stylists had both moved. Oh man. E was a trooper on the 3rd attempt. Gave her the stinkeye the entire time, even during his (FIRST EVER) salon shampoo. The first go-round, she barely cut anything and left his hair a curly, shaggy mess. I made her start over. And then had her recut the sides. And front. And back. And then I just gave up.

IMG_1644 IMG_1648 IMG_1650

two | I finally made Sage another pair of baby leggings! It’d be fun to squeeze in more projects like this, but I spend all my free time with my boys these days… (SEE #4-5).


three | This little guy turns 5 months today! Can I just keep him in my pocket, always?


four | On a recent snow day, I took my toddler on a Mommy-and-Me date. We enjoyed Toddler Time at a local bounce house, where admission was half-price and parents got in free and were allowed on all the equipment with their little ones. E enjoyed the giant koi pond, toddler area, inflatables, mural, slides, and climbing areas.  Afterward, I took him out to lunch and had the best time just sitting across from him in a booth, talking to him. When did he turn into such a big kid? Later, we perused Trader Joe’s, and he insisted on pushing the cart as he pleased and even helped the cashier unload and scan everything.


five | We got about 18 inches of snow at my house this week, so we met up with the neighbors for some sledding and snow tubing, even building a sweet jump!

IMG_2061 IMG_2085 IMG_2096

As always, so happy it’s Friday!

Oh hey, Friday

20 02 2015

Linking up at the last minute with Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy.

one | Valentines Day! We enjoyed a Parents’ Night Out on Friday as a fundraiser for a mission trip at church, so my husband and I went to our favorite restaurant downtown while the kids did all kinds of fun activities. Later that weekend, we exchanged small gifts – I gave him chocolates and a bag of TJ’s chia seeds, and he gave me Russell Stover chocolates and a gold Nate Berkus Swingline that I’ve been stalking. LOVEBIRDS I tell you.


We traveled to New Kent, VA to run a frosty 10k “Race for the Chocolate” on Saturday, then visited with a lot of my family. Race recap here!


two | On Monday, I took my infant to his routine 4-month checkup before the snow began falling. His health and stats looked good (once again, 98% for his head – you’re slipping, kid – brother has always been 100%…). The pediatrician had one concern and is referring us to a specialist before he’ll need surgery around his birthday. Trying to be brave about this.


three | I planned all sorts of indoor activities for our snow days this week, some wins and some fails:


Painting – WIN.


Indoor snow tray with sand toys – WIN. And I didn’t have to take the baby outside!


Paint in a bag – FAIL. He was excited until I started pouring his beloved paint into a bag and sealing it. MELTDOWN.


Watercolor coffee filter snowflakes – BIG WIN. Plus, I enjoyed this, too!

four | We played out in the 4.5″ of snow, too. E had no interest in tray sledding, but the baby enjoyed it – he had no choice, since I was wearing him and I wanted to sled!






five | In addition to my newfound love of finding cute hand-me-downs on Instagram, The Baby Gap outlet in my hometown is one of my favorite places for kids’ clothes. The clothes are cute, soft/stretchy, and fit my kids really well. I can find good deals (as low as $1.50 on some pieces). I spent my last snow day organizing closets and tagging all their baby clothes to consign for a sale in March to make room for the next sizes up!


Happy Friday! :)


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