A Day in the Life | 1 Toddler, 1 Newborn

1 10 2014

I love reading “Day in the Life” posts, especially ones like this from Two by Two Mom, so I thought I’d try it out. I chose today because I have a 4-day-old son and wanted to document what life is like early on at home during my maternity leave with my two sweet boys – actually, three sweet boys – my husband is home with us (just) this week as well!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Midnight – finally got both kids down and to sleep. “E” is my toddler and “S” is my newborn. E had fallen asleep around 10, but S took more convincing. He didn’t sleep a wink last night, so I was worried that it’d be a repeat night, but he slept 12-7 AM this time!

4 AM – my alarm goes off to breastfeed S. He sleeps right through the feedings

7 AM – my next alarm goes off to feed S. I get a text from a friend about weekend plans, I take the trash out (to put it in the garage – this will be important later), and I change clothes because my PJs are saturated in milk that expressed while I was sleeping… I check my weight (19 pounds down since my pre-delivery weight!) and hold S as he sleeps – gotta savor these precious moments!

8 AM – turn on SpiritFM on my phone while I shower and get ready – we have a pediatrician appointment today! (I did not get to shower yesterday.)IMG_8125

8:34 – E is awake and chattering from his crib. I get him changed, dressed, and send him down to the kitchen where my husband is getting breakfast ready with S, who is now wide awake. E eats waffles and strawberries (and later, most of my breakfast). IMG_8133

8:54 – I finish getting ready and head downstairs with several combined loads of laundry – mine, baby’s, E’s, and E’s cloth diapers. I throw the cloth diapers in for their first rinse cycle.

IMG_8130 IMG_8131

9:10 – I start making my coffee and polish off the last 2 Pumpkin Spice donut holes. E swipes my banana when I won’t let him have a donut and I down my juice – no time to actually drink my coffee, so into the fridge it goes. At this moment, we realize S has a diaper so big that it soaks everything he is wearing, plus his Swaddle and the Pack n Play liner, where he is lying awake.



9:15 – E helps me add soap to the diaper cycle, which we switch from a rinse to a hot wash.


9:20 – I head upstairs with S to feed him while E colors beside me on the floor (and then plays his drumset) in his new toddler room. My husband changes both boys’ diapers.


9:40 – My husband heads out to the recycling center and to pay the water bill with E in tow while I continue to feed S and rock him to sleep while texting with my dad about their next visit here.

9:50 – Pack my new Ju Ju Be diaper bag for both boys for the pediatrician visit

IMG_8145 IMG_8146

10:00 – Read in my LifeGroup devotional, “The Circle Maker” while waiting for the boys to get home and add a bunch of stuff to the diaper bag that I forgot the first time around

10:20 – Mail Aflac paperwork for maternity leave compensation, mail birth announcement information to the newspaper, and leave for pediatrician’s office

11:00 – Finish doctor paperwork and have our checkup. S is up 3 ounces since he was discharged from the hospital midday Monday. The doctor is very pleased with this! I feed S several times while we are there, and E also gets lots of snacks to occupy him. S gets called a girl twice because of his unisex name – oh well. 🙂 They also remove his hospital bracelet.

IMG_8156 IMG_8157

12:15 – We leave the pediatrician’s office and E eats another snack on the way home. We check the mail and put cloth diapers on their last rinse cycle.

12:30 – Everyone gets lunch. I nurse S while eating a sandwich

12:50 – The diapers are all finished – I hang up the covers and Freetimes and throw all the inserts into the dryer


12:54 – I combine a load of E’s, S’s, and my laundry and throw it in the washer. Will dry together with the cloth diaper inserts to save energy. I put away the laundry hanging in the garage and unload all the dried guest sheets that were used by family staying at our house over the weekend while I was at the hospital.

1:00 – I nurse S again on the couch while E insists on watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

1:15 – E loses interest in Mickey and goes upstairs to help Daddy put fresh sheets on the guest bed. My husband calls his employer about adding S to our insurance.

1:40 – I go into the garage to clean up all the trash that our Jack Russell Terrier, Scout, had gotten into earlier in the day. UNRELATED to this incident, our family also says our goodbyes to Scout before my husband takes him to the vet and then to a new home – we don’t have the time to give him the attention he needs anymore. I don’t think E understands what is going on, but he says “bye” and gives him lots of hugs and kisses, which pretty much breaks my heart.




1:45-2:10 – I rock E to sleep for his (extremely late) nap while S sleeps, then my husband leaves to take Scout to his new home. I can’t bring myself to go and opt to stay home with the boys.

2:15 – I journal in my Circle Maker devotional more while the boys sleep.

2:50 – I work on S’s baby book, pasting newspaper clippings and updating birth stats while texting with my sister and some friends. My husband returns home and we cry together about our dog, who has been a part of our family for 5 years, almost the whole time we’ve been married.


3:45 – I switch my laundry to the dryer with the cloth diaper inserts while my husband cleans all the bathrooms. I begin working on this blog post, then tidy up our room and begin getting all my maternity clothes OUT of my closet.


4:30 – I nurse S while he sleeps. E is still sound asleep.

5:10 – E wakes up crying, but it’s a dream and he’s happy to see me walk in. As I change his diaper, we talk about how Scout is “all gone” and “not here – he’s at a different house,” which he seems to understand, although he thinks he’s either at a church or at a neighbor’s house. I carry S downstairs to nurse him while my husband makes dinner (flatbread pizza) and preps food for tomorrow and to freeze for later (banana muffins and sausage gravy.)

5:30 – I retrieve our clothes from the dryer and fold them, then nurse S again as my husband finishes up dinner.

6:10 – We sit down to eat, then S needs to nurse yet again! This kid!


6:30 – At the suggestion of the pediatrician, I briefly use my pump to relieve some milk pressure, stopping after 3 minutes on each side with 5 oz. of milk to freeze.

6:45 – Mint chocolate chip ice cream!

7:00 – I work on a footprint craft with S


7:15 – He’s fussy after painting, so I nurse him, hoping to calm him enough to get handprints. No luck, so we’ll try again tomorrow.

7:45 – We all sit on the couch – me cuddling with S while E colors and sorts crayons with Daddy


8:15 – E goes upstairs for his bath, and I carry S upstairs for his first sponge bath


8:30 – I feed and rock the baby, who falls asleep at 8:45


9:00 – E finishes his bath, brushes his teeth, and gets ready to rock with me (he puts up a big fight about it) – then it takes him til 10:15 to fall asleep. By this time, I am sore from sitting and text my husband to help me carry him to his crib.


10:15 – I get ready for bed. S is still (surprisingly) asleep in his Rock n Play sleeper by our bed.

10:30 – Sit down to finish this post as it begins to rain. I am thankful for rain and think about how we might actually be able to plant something small this year if we don’t have a dog to tear it up.

10:44 – I check the clock before heading to bed and wonder how many times I’ll be up tonight with the baby.

My morning coffee still sits, untouched, in the fridge.




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