Juggling Act Lately

13 10 2015

Maybe it’s life with two who are getting just a little older, maybe it’s just the busy-ness of fun fall activities, but we have been go-go-go lately, with sickness to boot. So yes, this blog post is all over the place, too. Just like my thoughts these days.


On the homefront, the children’s clothing app where I sell my kids’ outgrown clothing featured my shop last week (yay!), so I gained about 250 new followers and had lots and lots of sales! A lot to manage, even with a shipping scale at home. My friend’s shop was also featured, so we teamed up to do a giveaway, which brought in a lot more followers and sales. I’ve been busy packaging up items to send to sweet little fellas all over the country!

My husband has also been diligent with his business, participating in lots of fall craft shows and sales, so he’s usually off doing that in the wee hours of the morning, when he’s not running. It works out well when the baby is up with teething pains from 3-6 AM each day after nursing with me all night.

My family attempted our first mini photo session with a professional photographer, which went by too quickly for my liking, so we hung around the farm an extra 2 hours so that I could take more photos of my own at our own pace and more my style – less props, more letting the kids play while I followed them around. The day was gorgeous, and the setting was breathtaking. I spent forever trying to coordinate outfits for 4 different people and finally went to Target the night before to purchase some last-minute items, another reason I wanted to take pictures while we were all dressed at the same time!



Our neighbors hosted an Octoberfest celebration for the neighborhood after we got home from pictures, so we stopped by and met some new faces.


We recently had a hurricane, and my yard flooded – we were so fortunate that the only thing we lost was our garden, which was nearing the end of its season, anyway.


E’s curly red hair was really starting to look completely unkempt, so I attempted to cut it but am not sure if I made it better or worse. I finally got mine cut, too, by someone legit.


We took our son to his 12-month “well-baby” checkup Monday, but he was actually very sick.  The doctor was concerned that he might have pneumonia because of the way his voice was catching when he breathed, but she monitored him for 3 hours and determined it was more likely an ear infection and upper respiratory infection, topped off with a 103.6 fever that is STILL going strong at over 103 even tonight.


Parent-teacher conferences at the boys’ preschool are tomorrow. plus we have all kinds of appointments in the next week – eye doctor, dentist, chiropractor, the works – and a new friend from church (whom we’ve never met) is coming over Friday to learn more about cloth diapers. I’m exhausted just thinking about getting everyone where they need to be while still putting in all my hours at work. On top of it all, I’m sick, too and barely have any voice left for teaching! I’m sure my immune system is down – I blame severe lack of sleep, a lotta nursing, a whole lotta coffee, not enough water, and not enough time to eat real meals today. I’ve been putting lemon EOs in my water and using Thieves EO for my whole family.


At work

My husband and I are missing all kinds of work this week – I took off early Monday for the baby’s well visit, took a half day today for our preschooler’s field trip, and I will miss again tomorrow to stay home with our sick baby. Meanwhile, my husband already has missed two days of work being at home with him this week.

My school has had some festive fall programs in the evenings. Last week (before all this sickness!), our family literacy night was a huge success. Students came and picked up a free bagged dinner, which they ate on blankets while visiting 4 different storytelling tents. Afterward, they attended an assembly while their parents attended a workshop, then came back together again to pick up free books and make s’mores over fire pits. Afterward, they viewed Saturn through a telescope! The literacy night inspired me to take my family to a seasonal book fair, but I was too sick to walk around, so we didn’t stay long.


Tonight was also my school’s Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a, so I just got home from facepainting for 2 hours.


I have so many posts I want to write about – hopefully they’ll come soon! Blogging has just not been a priority lately:

  • My latest Stitch Fix.


But instead, I think I’ll go fill my empty tank with food, infused EO water, and what bit of sleep I can catch before someone wakes up crying or needing their next dose of meds!


Normal Day Treasures

6 10 2015

normal day

The sun is back. It’s been a long time since we have caught even a ray of it! Today can pretty much be chalked up to a perfect “normal” day. I thought a lot about how grateful I am to have a generally positive attitude, as I was pulled in a million different directions at work while my sons were away from me at daycare. I began to look for the treasures hidden in the day, reflecting on each one as its own silver lining. I hope to collect these thoughts later in my journal of blessings (inspired by Ann Voskamp).

The fog settling over the valley was so pretty during my drive to work this morning. Stumbling over my words as I tried to explain fog to my 3-year-old.


My 12-month-old waving goodbye to me from the comfort of his teacher’s arms. A tear-free transition. Finally.

Arriving to work 10 minutes early and using the time to walk a prayer circle behind the school. Still in awe that I get to work in such a beautiful place.


And feeling blessed that at my new job, I get to be a full-blown counselor. Almost 100% of my time is spent directly with students individually, in small groups, and in the classroom (I log my hours in NoteCounselor after school every day). When I’m not directly with students, I’m talking to their parents or conferencing with their teachers, also direct hours. It makes for busy days, and my principal has begun to exclaim, “You came back!” after some of the most eventful days.

Getting a handwritten card from my principal, just thanking me for being at the school and being a positive light.

Having one of the most respected teachers in the school, the one who never speaks when I teach in her classroom, seek me out in my office later just to say, “Thank you. You have such a calm and soothing voice for the kids, you talk to them in such a way that they have no choice but to want to follow your directions.”

Me: an awe-struck puddle on the floor.

Missing lunch to facilitate the toughest small group of them all, and seeing the boys’ tough exteriors begin to crack as they slowly trust each other. Finding a pocket of 10 minutes afterward to eat a bowl of hot soup and a full-size Hershey bar.

At car rider duty, a parent sincerely telling me, “It’s so nice to see a smiling face every single day. Thank you.”

Staying after school to coach a running club, running alongside a new coworker who is exactly my pace, and finding out we grew up in the same hometown.

My 3-year-old, after spotting me at daycare, running toward the gate with open arms, not yet too cool for such affection over Mommy or for falling head over heels to hug me.

Finding a free book for the boys in our mailbox: “Llama Llama and the Bully Goat.”

Wolfing down leftover Greek dinner my husband made last night before leaving the house one last time for the evening.

Driving through my favorite canopy of trees today…

…six different times.

The first and sixth trips with cups of hot coffee.

Opting to let my hairdresser straighten my hair before I left. (I ALWAYS leave the salon with wet curly hair.) Laughing with her about the 3 wiry white hairs I found on my head this week.

Teaching my 3-year-old how to play a board game before bed. How to roll a die. How to take turns and play fairly.

Watching his excitement as he taught his daddy how to play the same game while I watched, nursing the baby to sleep.

Trying on pretty Stitch Fix items, debating what to keep and what to send back.

Finding quiet time to blog and do laundry.

Grateful for my decision to cloth diaper as I hung them to dry. Looking forward to having a new friend over next week who wants to learn about cloth diapers.

Thinking about the 5 cute little cloth diaper pails, lined up all in a row at daycare.

Being able to answer my toddler when he asked, “Mommy, are you coming to the pumpkin patch with me and my class?”

“Yes, Mommy is coming.”

I’d rearrange the world for you. 

Stitch Fix | September Review

15 09 2015

I was pleasantly surprised this fall to check my Stitch Fix account and see that I had a large credit to put toward my 4th fix! I had taken a long hiatus from Stitch Fix during my last pregnancy (although now they do offer a maternity line!). Last year at this time, I was super pregnant and wearing maxi skirts to work every day, so now I’m in need of new fall clothes!


This is literally my favorite part. Opening the box. (Try it!!)

My stylist listened to my requests in my style profile and found clothes that would be perfect for work or weekending with my family. I had specifically requested a light jacket, work pants, and long necklace similar to one by Kendra Scott. She also threw in a shirt for a date night, but let’s be real… I have 2 little guys at home that need all the time they can get with us on the weekend after a long week of preschool!

So let me just tell you how the unboxing went down. Now that I have a new job, its new location makes it easy to stop in at home before picking up my kids from daycare. So that’s exactly what I decided to do when my husband texted me that my Fix had arrived. We had an appointment scheduled that afternoon before we picked up the kids, so I ran home after work and in the comfort and quiet of my newly-clean room, I scoped out the box.


First glance: love olive, love all the stripes and neutrals. I only counted 4 clothing items, so I knew there’d be a jewelry piece involved. Stitch Fix always sends 5 items, and you can make your profile very specific as to what you’re looking for, what colors you love, and what types of pieces you’d like to receive. Being open-minded will allow your stylist to push you to try things you might overlook in the store that you end up loving!


Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant

These olive pants were an instant win. Love the fit – stretchy and flattering, while professional enough to wear to work and in a flattering olive color that goes with many pieces in my closet. I had requested an olive army jacket, so this was the next best thing. The pants did have one tiny flaw, so I was given the opportunity to get 15% off or exchange for a brand new pair… I took the discount, and a few easy stitches by hand will fix them right up.


Thrift store shirt, $2 🙂

Target is running a sale this week on their Merona skinny fit cropped pants (BOGO 50% off), so I’ve bought a few more pairs similar to these in other colors.

Mystree Jackie Striped French Terry Asymmetrical Jacket

I also loved this jacket. I was on the fence about it for the entire 3 days that I was allowed to keep the box. I even went to Kohl’s and tried similar asymmetrical jackets, but they weren’t nearly the same quality. I also found the same jacket on the Stitch Fix BST Facebook board in my size and almost snatched that one up. In the end though, I decided to be good and only spend what I had received in referral credits. Otherwise, I’d be wearing it right now!


I heard a lot of feedback from other girls that this jacket was too short for them, but I have a super-short torso thanks to the spine surgery I had as a teenager, so the fit was perfect on me. I was a little weary of the busyness of the stripes but loved the navy and white. And the pockets! I could live in this jacket, so soft and thick. Alas, it was dry clean or hand-wash only, so… DEALBREAKER.



Renee C Charle Split Front Knit


Keeping an open mind… the first dolman I’ve ever tried. I loved the stretchy fit of this, the thin stripes, the navy color, and the uber-soft fabric — oh, it was cozy!, but that’s where the love story ended. I am personally not a fan of dolman sleeves and felt like I was swimming in this shirt.


Photobomber ❤ I took this picture later when deciding what to keep!

Skies are Blue Galla Mesh Detail Sweater

Gahh. “Mesh sweater.” Whyyy. My stylist thought this would be “fun for a night out” paired with the long necklace she also sent.

First of all, KIDS. I had a vision of kissing my kids goodbye as I rushed out the door in this for an evening out with my hubby, their tiny fingers getting hooked in the fabric and literally tearing the sweater, fresh spit up seeping through each and every hole in the mesh, impossible to clean. It featured a striped pattern where one stripe was solid, one was mesh. Because of this, I’d need a cami, but then the straps would show. It didn’t seem one bit nursing friendly, either. The cut and fit were great, and my stylist’s intentions were good… but in the end it was a no-brainer to send back.



Nakamol Benton Beaded Pendant Necklace

This piece was interesting, but not enough for the price point. I was also afraid the chain would mess up, since it featured tiny beads that wanted to move around.

IMG_5354 IMG_5365(Also: I think I could make this?!) I did like the length and the way it hit. She gave it a good effort!

In the end, I used referral credits to purchase the pants, which ended up being free with the 15% discount added in. I even have money left over for my next Fix! She was on point with the cropped pants and striped jacket and came very, very close with the dolman and necklace. But quite a bit off the mark with the mesh sweater. Too bad, because if I had purchased all 5, I could have gotten 25% off the total.

I’ve updated my profile and my Pinterest board for my next Fix. Want to try it for yourself? Answer a series of questions about your sizes, preferences, color choices, etc., and link your own Pinterest board to see what 5 items your stylist will send! Use my link to sign up, and then use your own link to refer friends to accumulate credits in your account! Win-win. Thanks for reading!

See my past Fixes!

Linking up with Crazy Together (Kinder Craze) blog!

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Five on Friday

14 11 2014

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy. Oh and with Hodges Podges and Friday Blog Hop!

one | Moccs

Having two boys was supposed to mean lots of hand-me-downs, right? At least I thought so, until I realized that July and nearly-October are completely different seasons. Now that it’s cold, Baby S has been wearing his brother’s baby pajamas all day and snoozing in very-pink-and-frilly baby girl sleepers at night. So anyway, a few new(-to-him) clothes and these grey moccs were in order, right? Because I bought them this week the moment they landed.

moccs two | $3.12 sweater/my new normal

I had a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase at JC Penney this week, so I thought I’d just “pop in” with both boys in tow – I was babywearing S, and E was walking. This is how it went down: Couldn’t find anything I liked in the baby dept. Or toddler section. Newborn was hungry. Tracked down the little boy’s dressing room to nurse him and took a random baby jumpsuit in with us for good measure – you know, to make it look like we were trying stuff on. While nursing, E announced from his perch on the bench that he needed to go potty. Like asap. Reluctantly unlatched the baby, restrapped him into my carrier, put the jumpsuit back on rack, found restroom. Held E over the potty (still while babywearing an infant.) E didn’t go. Got him dressed again, everyone’s hands washed, picked up the jumpsuit to “try on” again and returned to the dressing room to nurse. Then decided to look in the petite section – grabbed a cute sweater. Returned to little boys’ dressing room to try it on. Got baby out of the carrier so that I could try on said-sweater. E said he needed to potty again. Strapped baby back on. Returned sweater to petite section with intent to buy. Much more luck in the bathroom this time despite very rude commentary from an elderly woman. Went back to retrieve sweater, but realized it was an exclusion listed on my coupon. Grabbed it anyway. Returned to baby section to grab the jumpsuit in case coupon didn’t work while E proceeded to have a meltdown ~ “I’M ALL DONE!”. Hurried to checkout. Cashier recommended I find another place to checkout b/c she was tied up. Stood in a long line at another register. Luckily the coupon worked on the sweater – I only had to pay $3.12! Put jumpsuit back. Took toddler to B&BW to calm him down by letting him smell candles. He tried heisting travel-sized hand sanitizer so we quickly left. I’d include a picture of my $3 sweater, but it’s currently in the washer covered in spit-up.* So here’s us BF’ing in the dressing room. Stitch Fix next time?



three | Red Cups *Starbucks was BOGO this week. Earned it.

IMG_9686 four | Playdate

We met up with my SIL and a friend from college to take our kids to a children’s museum using a free family pass – so much fun! How cute is this miniature Panera discovery center??


IMG_9689IMG_9690 five | Operation Christmas Child

On Tuesday, before our final LifeGroup potluck, we dropped off our Operation Christmas Child boxes at Chick-fil-a – a favorite Christmas tradition. Recap here! While there, we redeemed event tickets for free grilled chicken sandwiches to save for lunch and collected a few more free coupons for filling OCC boxes.

IMG_9621 Happy Friday!

{Five on Friday}

31 01 2014

Linking up with Darci + friends for a short and sweet {Five on Friday!}


{one} My son’s school is always early on celebrating holidays with class parties, which keeps me on my toes! This weekend, we I put together Valentines for his class party. Every so often, I catch him trying to tear into one, so I know I’m on the right track with these for his toddler class! {Pin here.} They say, “So glad we’re in the same school,” and I paired them with individual cupcake-flavored Goldfish bags. We also made our Valentines Day brownies early so that I could share with a coworker!


{two} I have one lesson a year where I play my piccolo for my Kindergarten students while we read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” (In the story, he plays a flute.) Yesterday, I won over my preschool class with it! But now that I travel to classrooms, I have to be much quieter and subtle about it. I printed sheet music for “Let it Go” from Frozen this year, to switch it up from the normal Mario Brothers theme that I normally play. {No photo this time because it’s at school.}



{three} When we visited Downtown Disney a few weeks ago, we went in Once Upon a Toy, where you can fill a bag with Mr. Potato Head parts for $20. I couldn’t justify a bag, but we did pick out a handful of Disney-themed accessories for my son’s Mr. Potato Head, intending to pay the “per-piece” fee for not buying the bag. Our cashier was so sweet and rang everything up for only $2 total! We played with our new friend when we were snowed in this week!



{four} Yes, we enjoyed another snow day and more 2-hour delays this week due to another snow storm here in Virginia. My Stitch Fix arrived on the snow day, so I had fun trying on clothes while my son took a very short nap! Although I loved 4/5 items, I think I’m only going to get a few items from this box. I want to stick to what my credit will cover. Much better than my last box and about par with how much I loved my first boxWanna try this service? Create your style profile!




{five} Just as one of our favorite cloth diaper retailers, Abby’s Lane, closed her brick-and-mortar store (but kept her online store with free shipping and a stellar rewards program!), a small cloth diaper store opened nearby! We checked it out this weekend and enjoyed talking to the owner. I registered for the Great Cloth Diaper Change event in April. She does not carry the brand of diapers we use on our son yet, but I am so excited that a new color, “Hummingbird,” is being released in our favorite diaper next week just as we needed to replace a couple of his aplix diapers where the velcro is losing its stickiness. (Orrrr we may just replace the velco itself with snaps, but I need a good excuse to buy this color!)

Happy Friday! Looking forward to two trips out of town this weekend!

{Five on Friday}

22 11 2013
Linking up with the 4 blogs above^ for their weekly {Five on Friday} linkup! Love reading their blogs!

{One} My 16-month-old “read” me a book this week! Reading together is something we’ve made a priority since he was born, and he started recognizing books and turning the pages just as soon as his tiny fingers could curl around those board pages! He loves the book “Doggies” by Sandra Boynton and mimicking all the different sounds the various breeds make as he “reads the pictures.” He has been reading it aloud every night this week, and I was able to record a partial version of it.


Stitch Fix 2

{Two} I already scheduled my next Stitch Fix for December! I updated my flair board on Pinterest to reflect the types of pieces I’d like to receive and updated my style profile. I requested what I’d like to get (and what I DO.NOT. want to get!). The clothes this go-round will be free because of the referral credits I’ve earned. Wanna try it for yourself? Check out my first Stitch Fix review here! I also got a new ThredUp bag in the mail after my first sendoff earned me a payout of $42.64!


Days til marathon

{Three} Um. There are, like, 51 days left until I run the Disney marathon. Last night, I asked Siri, “how many days until January 12?” I was momentarily distracted and impressed by her thorough breakdown. When you put it that way, 0.14 years away doesn’t sound too terribly daunting, right??



{Four} I discovered the ShopKick app this week while reading holiday savings tips in my latest (free) Redbook magazine. You earn “kicks” (points) for simply walking into stores. I earned 150 points just for walking into the entryway of Target Thursday afternoon. The app feels like a scavenger hunt – it provides a list of specific items, and I find them in the store and scan the barcodes with my phone to earn more kicks. The other day, I scanned several items at the grocery story (without buying them), and earned about 300 kicks. After about 1250 kicks, you can start redeeming for gift cards. Here’s my referral link! (I also love combining my Target Cartwheel app with Target coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and my RedCard.) Not compensated for this post.


Pinterest - Birch

{Five} A few {5 on Fridays} ago, I posted about all the beautiful birch logs that I recovered from work after a storm. My hubby and I love birch because it reminds us of our honeymoon in Glacier National Park in Montana. I happily pinned several different ideas for displaying them and even bought a beautiful black wire half-basket from HomeGoods in which to display the logs for Christmas. When I sat down outside to treat them this weekend, I was successfully able to whiten the bark using Pink Pearl erasers and duct tape (photo below). The process was slow, however, and required a ton of elbow grease, so I experimented with bleach. The bleach was unsuccessful in whitening the bark; it actually yellowed it – but it did summon a mass-evacuation of the TERMITES that had been secretly inhabiting the logs! Ugh!! We relocated the logs to a wooded area several miles away! Sad day!birch

Birch whitening using duct tape – works!

Have a great weekend! We are looking forward to breakfast with Santa tomorrow at my workplace!

Stitch Fix Review #2: Sister Stitch!

2 11 2013
My sister received her first fix from Stitch Fix! I just love reading SF reviews and seeing what other people received in their boxes, since I was so pleased with my first fix! It also gives me ideas on what/what not to ask for in my next fix! I am constantly updating “My Flair” board on Pinterest. She signed up through my referral link from my first review, scoring me $25 toward my next box!
A quick “how it works” – create a style profile based on a pretty specific questionnaire that asks detailed questions about sizing, colors, style preferences, and pricing preferences. Schedule a date for the box to arrive (requires $20 styling fee, which you get right back in credit for purchasing the clothing). When the box arrives, try on everything in the comfort of your own home, pairing it with your own wardrobe. Keep what you want, and return what you don’t want in the postage-paid bag within three days. Go online and pay for what you want and let them know what you’re sending back, and if you want, note why – so they’ll better get to know your sizes and style. Sign up for a monthly box or a one-time box. Simple!
She scheduled her fix to arrive this past week. My niece was also super-excited, and wanted to schedule a fix of her own, but she’s too young! Hmm… future business venture? Oh wait… I know nothing about little girls’ clothes; I have a toddler boy! 🙂
One of the great things about Stitch Fix is the styling card they include with each piece, offering ideas to make them more striking and versatile. A lot of times, I wouldn’t have thought of certain color pairings, but I can usually find something similar in my closet to what is pictured. I hope they send me lots of colors in my next fix; my first fix was too many shades of grey… 🙂
That said, I think her box seemed underwhelming upon first glance. First off, she specifically asked for no bracelets, and spied a set of bangles right away. Sometimes, it seems like Stitch Fix sends items that will challenge you out of your comfort zone! But the verdict: Sent back.


And then – Wispy red blouse with a gorgeous mint and navy print design. Verdict: Kept.
Next up – the teal Dolman top. I loved the color and the stripes, but it was swimming on her frame. (She’s training for Disney Marathon weekend! Just two months to go!) Verdict: Sent back. I’ll have to make a note on my next fix request – no Dolman tops for me, either!
Gray sweater: Loved color, knit, and waistline, but the over-the-shoulder collar was annoying. {PS – I still think it’s gorgeous and may have to pin it to “My Flair” board after this post! I just love it! Maybe paired with a long necklace?}
Skinny jeans: Not needed. Verdict: Sent back.
{Has anyone had luck with skinny jeans in their box? I’d be afraid they wouldn’t fit me! It’s hard for me to pick out the right size in the store, let alone have a stranger try to size them for me!}
Wanna read my previous review?
I am not being compensated for these reviews, although I do receive a $25 credit toward my next fix if you sign up through my link! When you schedule your first fix, you’ll also receive a referral link so that you can refer your friends!

Snail Mail Love

29 10 2013


I love getting fun mail, and this week has been good so far! I’m not getting compensated for any of these items, but here goes!

  • Stitch Fix: some of my friends must be receiving their first fixes this week, because I got another $50 in referral credits! Wanna get your own box of cute, trendy clothes in the mail? Fill out your profile here! (I do get a sweet $25 credit for each person who schedules her first fix through my link!) Here’s a recap of my first review! So much fun!!

Stitch Fix 2

  • New kicks! A running shop recommended that I wear Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s, and they’ve been perfect for me (and my orthotics) for my last several half marathons, and when it came time to start breaking in a new pair of shoes, Mizuno came out with a pink and lime green version!(!!!!) I watched them on Amazon for awhile until the price dropped, then used my Amazon points to purchase the shoes! These will be the shoes I’ll be wearing for my marathon! Pink? Disney? Perfect!


  • My mom overnighted this package that arrived tonight. It contains my ballet recital finale costume from June 21, 1999… naturally, I will be wearing it to work tomorrow. Unrelated to Halloween but completely related to tomorrow being the 50th day of school.

1950s costume

  • Waiting on a budget-friendly cardigan I ordered from Jane.com, a site I just discovered in the last few weeks. Dangerous!
  • Cloth diaper flushable liners – Imse Vimse flushable liners have been a lifesaver this week, as E has had a horrible skin reaction that I am PRAYING is not due to a peanut allergy, and these have made for easier diaper cleanups. I’ve had to break out the diaper sprayer several times this week, which we’ve rarely used in 15 months. I’ve tried a zillion brands of these, but these are my favorites b/c they’re disposable OR reusable. The toddler sizes arrived in my mailbox this week!

Hopefully to come this week, though not via snail mail:

  • Recap of lots of fall festivities we’ve attended with our toddler!
  • {Five on Friday} Roadtrip Adventures!

Birthday in a Box! Stitch Fix #1

2 10 2013

So excited! I got my first Stitch Fix in the mail! It’s such a fun concept – a few weeks ago, I filled out a very detailed questionnaire about my style, sizes, and preferences, and a stylist selected five items to send me in the mail and shipped it on Saturday. It was on my doorstep Tuesday! I can choose to purchase as many or as few of the items from the box as I want, and whatever I don’t want, I send back in the postage-paid bag. The styling fee was $20, which I can put toward my purchase, and if I decide to keep all 5 items, I get 25% off my whole order. You can indicate your price range for different types of items (accessories, outerwear, formal wear, etc.). I selected “the cheaper, the better” for every category.

If you want to check it out and schedule a surprise box for yourself, here’s my referral link, and I’ll get a $25 credit toward my boxes when you schedule your first Fix! (And then you can do the same with your friends!) I’m telling you, it was like a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my doorstep when I came home today and carefully peeled back the layers of tissue paper!

I had been very specific in my requests, asking for this box to include “casual chic” options for me to wear to work in an elementary school. I spent time pinning things to “My Flair” board so that my stylist would know what I might like, and overall I was happy with most of the items and the fact that all five of my items were actually clothing items in my first box! (They do accessories as well, although I hadn’t requested any.)

Stitch Fix box

Stitch Fix 2So here’s a recap of what I got! My first impression was that almost everything was GREY. Not a color I normally choose for myself, unless I’m buying pants! I was hoping for corals, teals, navys, mustards, greens. But I suppose her intention this time is to pair these items with pops of color, with these as the everyday basics. It was much more fun to try everything on at home with easy access to items in my closet, and without having to worry about my toddler escaping under the dressing room door!

Stitch Fix 4

See?? Almost everything was grey! Even the “navy” top looked black.


Alright, First up! I was SO excited to see that they chose a cardigan for me because lately I’ve been wearing a black Motherhood Maternity cardigan (with rosettes all over it), and I just feel weird wearing maternity clothes when I’m far from pregnant.

Stitch Fix 3 Stitch Fix 8

Item #1: Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

Very light and soft wispy fabric, grey, arms fitted – it will match everything. I love the points in the front. Status: KEPT!


Stitch Fix 5 Stitch Fix 10

Item #2: Hawthorn Henrietta Houndstooth & Colorblock Scarf

This scarf surprised me at first – I wondered why there was a blanket in my Fix!

It is a TON of plush fabric – but extremely soft! Not itchy at all and oh so cozy! I tried tying it several different ways, but the simple way (pictured above) was the only way to make it seem less-bulky. I can see how it would be incredible for the winter.

Status: Sent back. Too big!


Stitch Fix 7

Item #3: Collective Concepts Riva Pleat Detail Abstract Print Blouse

My stylist raved about this one. I googled the blouse and saw that another lady blogged about receiving the blouse in a September fix – and hers was more expensive than mine! I checked the size, and it was right, but it just felt too big and boxy! It’s very wispy  and the back did nothing for me – a long slit down the back (I’ve had back surgery and have a pink scar that runs down my back, so I’m not a fan of slits on the back…) It was also hard to tell because the tags were hanging in the back, pulling on the fabric, so I couldn’t get it to sit right. My stylist suggested pairing it with a blazer or under a (hot pink) cardigan (that I don’t have) with jeans. It has cute ruffles across the front, adding a little flair.

Status: Sent back. I like navy, and it would have basically be free IF I bought everything else in the fix because of the 25% off discount that goes into effect if I buy all five items, but I didn’t want the scarf.


Stitch Fix 6

Item #4: Fiancee Doris Jersey Striped Maxi Skirt

This is another type of item I fell in love with during my maternity months, but don’t own any normal (non-maternity) maxi skirts. It is SO comfortable and stretchy and surprisingly easy to walk in. I wouldn’t have normally gone for the black and grey stripes, but they were perfect on this! I used the suggestion card for the idea to pair it with this dressy plum shirt.

Status: KEPT.


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tem #5: Peach Love Cream Winifred Striped Tab-Sleeve Knit Shirt

I grew to love this shirt. I was happy with the coral and teal elements but seriously, more grey?? It basically ensures that I cannot wear any of these items at the same time! This is another wispy garment, but is stretchy and fitted and thus very flattering and comfortable. Oh and sheer! I had to wear a black tank under it. It clings against the curve of my back instead of hanging straight down in the back – it’s hard to find clothes that do this!

Status: KEPT.


Interested in getting your own box? Check out my referral link to get started! These are my own thoughts and honest reviews, and I paid the $20 styling fee myself. You can do the whole survey without paying, if you just want to have fun selecting styles, looking at idea combinations, and filling it out!

Disclaimer: I don’t normally take selfies while trying on new clothes. I only did it for the blog! But it helped me in deciding! 🙂

Disclaimer II: My birthday is actually in July. This box just made it FEEL like October 1 was my birthday!

{five on friday}

13 09 2013
It’s been so fun linking up with Darci from
The Good Life Blog to share my five thoughts on Fridays! Here are my latest!
Happy Friday the 13th!


This week launched a new 7 -week women’s Bible study for me on “Wonderstruck” by Margaret Feinberg. We took home pixie dust on the first night to remind us to have a child-like faith. I went home feeling compelled to process everything I had been thinking lately between church, Sunday School, this new study, and my life; they all connect! I was craving that immediate alone-time to journal, but my little one knew better. Because I had stayed out one whole hour past his bedtime, he wanted extra cuddle time. Two-point-five hours more. I savored every second of rocking, nursing, and cuddling my sweet boy, and THEN filled 8 pages in my birthday paper-and-ink journal from my mom.

Five on Friday 1


As it turned out, E was not only off-schedule that night, but sick with a fever of over 103! His fever came about despite a little impromptu dance party in our living room just an hour before, where he was WIRED. I was able to take a sick day Wednesday to stay home with him (that’s how I accomplished #4 on this list, below). He spent the day napping, cuddling with me, comfort nursing, playing, coloring, and generally making a mess of Mommy’s bedroom! Needless to say, he was back at school on Thursday.

Five on Friday 2


I took the plunge and signed up for my first box from Stitch Fix! Have you seen this??

A stylist is putting together 5 pieces (clothing and accessories) to fit my style and sending them to me. I pay for what I want to keep and send back (with free postage) what I don’t want. There’s a $20 styling fee that I can put toward each purchase. I’ll get to try on clothes without worrying about a toddler in the dressing room with me, and I can accessorize straight from the comfort of my own closet!! (Target is the only place I’ve found so far where the dressing room doors go all the way to the floor!) I’ll get a 25% discount if I keep all 5 items. I carefully tweaked my individual style profile and pinned favorites (mostly from polyvore.com) to “My Flair” board on my Pinterest, so my stylist can get a feel for what to send me! I’m so excited – my first fix arrives in October! I requested casual chic/professional items to wear to work this time. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs to see what people have gotten in their boxes – so much fun! Want to order a box of your own? (link written out – https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3182570)

Five on Friday 3


Free photo books! Shutterfly continues to be my go-to photobook site, and I always wait to order until I have free codes. I had so many codes at the end of the summer and not enough time to make all the books before they expired! I was able to crank out two books this week: one for E’s 1st birthday (it arrived Thursday in the bright orange box!) and the other of our end-of-summer trip to Myrtle Beach (code is “BCFREEBOOK” good thru 9/20/13). I still have a Huggies code and a LivingSocial code to use by the end of the month! And we don’t even use Huggies, we cloth diaper! 😉

Five on Friday 4


This week, after four weeks at daycare, my 14-month-old demonstrated a sweet gesture he picked up on there – clasping his hands while we pray before eating! And after the prayer, he claps wildly! I saw all the toddlers doing this one day when I popped in during their lunchtime, and it was the sweetest thing. It’s just a reminder that kids can pick up on so much more than we think and want to model those behaviors. I am so happy he is in a place where he can learn small gestures like this. I don’t have a picture (yet), but here’s one of his hands clasped in excitement over his birthday cake! My sister caught both of these precious moments for me while I was enjoying my own birthday smash cake right next to him.

Five on Friday 5

Five on Friday 6

Love her eye for the small things!

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