Juggling Act Lately

13 10 2015

Maybe it’s life with two who are getting just a little older, maybe it’s just the busy-ness of fun fall activities, but we have been go-go-go lately, with sickness to boot. So yes, this blog post is all over the place, too. Just like my thoughts these days.


On the homefront, the children’s clothing app where I sell my kids’ outgrown clothing featured my shop last week (yay!), so I gained about 250 new followers and had lots and lots of sales! A lot to manage, even with a shipping scale at home. My friend’s shop was also featured, so we teamed up to do a giveaway, which brought in a lot more followers and sales. I’ve been busy packaging up items to send to sweet little fellas all over the country!

My husband has also been diligent with his business, participating in lots of fall craft shows and sales, so he’s usually off doing that in the wee hours of the morning, when he’s not running. It works out well when the baby is up with teething pains from 3-6 AM each day after nursing with me all night.

My family attempted our first mini photo session with a professional photographer, which went by too quickly for my liking, so we hung around the farm an extra 2 hours so that I could take more photos of my own at our own pace and more my style – less props, more letting the kids play while I followed them around. The day was gorgeous, and the setting was breathtaking. I spent forever trying to coordinate outfits for 4 different people and finally went to Target the night before to purchase some last-minute items, another reason I wanted to take pictures while we were all dressed at the same time!



Our neighbors hosted an Octoberfest celebration for the neighborhood after we got home from pictures, so we stopped by and met some new faces.


We recently had a hurricane, and my yard flooded – we were so fortunate that the only thing we lost was our garden, which was nearing the end of its season, anyway.


E’s curly red hair was really starting to look completely unkempt, so I attempted to cut it but am not sure if I made it better or worse. I finally got mine cut, too, by someone legit.


We took our son to his 12-month “well-baby” checkup Monday, but he was actually very sick.  The doctor was concerned that he might have pneumonia because of the way his voice was catching when he breathed, but she monitored him for 3 hours and determined it was more likely an ear infection and upper respiratory infection, topped off with a 103.6 fever that is STILL going strong at over 103 even tonight.


Parent-teacher conferences at the boys’ preschool are tomorrow. plus we have all kinds of appointments in the next week – eye doctor, dentist, chiropractor, the works – and a new friend from church (whom we’ve never met) is coming over Friday to learn more about cloth diapers. I’m exhausted just thinking about getting everyone where they need to be while still putting in all my hours at work. On top of it all, I’m sick, too and barely have any voice left for teaching! I’m sure my immune system is down – I blame severe lack of sleep, a lotta nursing, a whole lotta coffee, not enough water, and not enough time to eat real meals today. I’ve been putting lemon EOs in my water and using Thieves EO for my whole family.


At work

My husband and I are missing all kinds of work this week – I took off early Monday for the baby’s well visit, took a half day today for our preschooler’s field trip, and I will miss again tomorrow to stay home with our sick baby. Meanwhile, my husband already has missed two days of work being at home with him this week.

My school has had some festive fall programs in the evenings. Last week (before all this sickness!), our family literacy night was a huge success. Students came and picked up a free bagged dinner, which they ate on blankets while visiting 4 different storytelling tents. Afterward, they attended an assembly while their parents attended a workshop, then came back together again to pick up free books and make s’mores over fire pits. Afterward, they viewed Saturn through a telescope! The literacy night inspired me to take my family to a seasonal book fair, but I was too sick to walk around, so we didn’t stay long.


Tonight was also my school’s Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a, so I just got home from facepainting for 2 hours.


I have so many posts I want to write about – hopefully they’ll come soon! Blogging has just not been a priority lately:

  • My latest Stitch Fix.


But instead, I think I’ll go fill my empty tank with food, infused EO water, and what bit of sleep I can catch before someone wakes up crying or needing their next dose of meds!


Five on Friday

5 12 2014

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy. On a side note, my blog space is 95% full… help!! What do I do next?


one | On Monday, I took my little boys on a date to our local Chick-fil-a, where they were giving out free peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes. Yum!


two | We didn’t really do Black Friday shopping – we walked around the mall in the late afternoon and I found a dress (not on sale) for my brother’s January wedding. It’s a pretty jewel tone and had to be nursing-friendly (which ruled out 99% of dresses). We ran into Olaf while walking the mall.


three |

We did shop Small Business Saturday at our local cloth diaper store, although we had to book it from my grandma’s (3 hours away) to make it there! Thankfully, because it is a small business, I was able to call ahead and she stayed open later for me. In turn, I bought 2 diapers, a cozy nursing scarf, and Aden + Anais crib sheets (not pictured). 🙂


four | We enjoyed our first snow of the season – about 5 inches. Thank goodness we had just bought snow boots on our trip to Williamsburg! E was much more ready to play in this snow than last winter – he begged to be out in it all day!

IMG_9984 IMG_9986

five | My Christmas cards arrived! When is a socially acceptable date to send them out? They’re all addressed, stamped, and ready to go! As much as I love Cardstore, I tried Minted this year b/c I received $25 for signing up via a friend’s link and then had a coupon code + free shipping. The cards are super-thick and came in fun packaging! The colors are bright and printing is clear. I might be hooked! They miiiight have sent me several other people’s cards, but those were fun to look thru, too! 😉 Want to design your own? If you use my link, we’ll both get a $25 credit!



Happy Friday! I’m off to run 5 miles in and around Busch Gardens ChristmasTown! 🙂

oh hey | Five on Friday!

3 10 2014

This past week has been especially precious to me. I gave birth to our second son early Saturday morning! I’ll be posting my birth story and about our nursing journey soon, but for now, I will leave you with some sweet moments from our first week of getting to know our new little pea.

one | Fall is my absolute favorite season, and our plans and traditions will still continue with a pumpkin patch visit, apple picking, Halloween, foliage photography, and lots of fall festivals! We don’t have any fall races on the calendar, but we will have a new pumpkin in tow for all of our other seasonal favorites! He has already been to school picture day, Life Group, and his first pediatrician visit.


| Target |

two | The first thing I noticed about this kid when he was delivered was his HAIR. My.word. For him being so fair, there was a lot of it! And it was perfectly styled into a little mohawk that lasted for days.


three | I couldn’t have asked for E to be a better big brother (they’re 26 months apart). From the start, he’s been so loving and helpful. Sure, he’s said “mine!” a lot more this week, but at least he’s very black and white when it comes to his things and the baby’s things. And it’s precious that every morning, he asks about the baby as soon as he wakes up.


And just for kicks, some side-by-side “oooo that face!” wrinkly forehead pics comparing the two of them. I can’t help it – it’s my favorite newborn face and I hope I never forget it. E is on the left (July 2012) and S is on the right (Sept. 2014).

Same swaddle.


four | We put him in his first cloth diaper on Thursday. These are specifically newborn-sized (BumGenius), but the BG ones that his big brother E currently wears fit 8-35 pounds, so they’ll be sharing soon.


five | This time around, I realize how quickly he will grow and change. I’m not saving cute clothes for special occasions – he’s wearing them daily. I’m taking pictures of everything, writing down as much as I can, and I did a Day in the Life post on Wednesday. I’m holding him all the time, rarely putting him down. I know in a week or two, he’ll look like a completely different baby. They’ll be subtle changes, but I know he won’t be as fragile or small as his wrinkly newborn frame begins to fill out. So I’m making keepsakes like this while he’s still so tiny:


Happy Friday! Linking up with Karli and Amy for oh hey Friday and April, Natasha, Christina, and Darci for Five on Friday!

A Day in the Life | 1 Toddler, 1 Newborn

1 10 2014

I love reading “Day in the Life” posts, especially ones like this from Two by Two Mom, so I thought I’d try it out. I chose today because I have a 4-day-old son and wanted to document what life is like early on at home during my maternity leave with my two sweet boys – actually, three sweet boys – my husband is home with us (just) this week as well!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Midnight – finally got both kids down and to sleep. “E” is my toddler and “S” is my newborn. E had fallen asleep around 10, but S took more convincing. He didn’t sleep a wink last night, so I was worried that it’d be a repeat night, but he slept 12-7 AM this time!

4 AM – my alarm goes off to breastfeed S. He sleeps right through the feedings

7 AM – my next alarm goes off to feed S. I get a text from a friend about weekend plans, I take the trash out (to put it in the garage – this will be important later), and I change clothes because my PJs are saturated in milk that expressed while I was sleeping… I check my weight (19 pounds down since my pre-delivery weight!) and hold S as he sleeps – gotta savor these precious moments!

8 AM – turn on SpiritFM on my phone while I shower and get ready – we have a pediatrician appointment today! (I did not get to shower yesterday.)IMG_8125

8:34 – E is awake and chattering from his crib. I get him changed, dressed, and send him down to the kitchen where my husband is getting breakfast ready with S, who is now wide awake. E eats waffles and strawberries (and later, most of my breakfast). IMG_8133

8:54 – I finish getting ready and head downstairs with several combined loads of laundry – mine, baby’s, E’s, and E’s cloth diapers. I throw the cloth diapers in for their first rinse cycle.

IMG_8130 IMG_8131

9:10 – I start making my coffee and polish off the last 2 Pumpkin Spice donut holes. E swipes my banana when I won’t let him have a donut and I down my juice – no time to actually drink my coffee, so into the fridge it goes. At this moment, we realize S has a diaper so big that it soaks everything he is wearing, plus his Swaddle and the Pack n Play liner, where he is lying awake.



9:15 – E helps me add soap to the diaper cycle, which we switch from a rinse to a hot wash.


9:20 – I head upstairs with S to feed him while E colors beside me on the floor (and then plays his drumset) in his new toddler room. My husband changes both boys’ diapers.


9:40 – My husband heads out to the recycling center and to pay the water bill with E in tow while I continue to feed S and rock him to sleep while texting with my dad about their next visit here.

9:50 – Pack my new Ju Ju Be diaper bag for both boys for the pediatrician visit

IMG_8145 IMG_8146

10:00 – Read in my LifeGroup devotional, “The Circle Maker” while waiting for the boys to get home and add a bunch of stuff to the diaper bag that I forgot the first time around

10:20 – Mail Aflac paperwork for maternity leave compensation, mail birth announcement information to the newspaper, and leave for pediatrician’s office

11:00 – Finish doctor paperwork and have our checkup. S is up 3 ounces since he was discharged from the hospital midday Monday. The doctor is very pleased with this! I feed S several times while we are there, and E also gets lots of snacks to occupy him. S gets called a girl twice because of his unisex name – oh well. 🙂 They also remove his hospital bracelet.

IMG_8156 IMG_8157

12:15 – We leave the pediatrician’s office and E eats another snack on the way home. We check the mail and put cloth diapers on their last rinse cycle.

12:30 – Everyone gets lunch. I nurse S while eating a sandwich

12:50 – The diapers are all finished – I hang up the covers and Freetimes and throw all the inserts into the dryer


12:54 – I combine a load of E’s, S’s, and my laundry and throw it in the washer. Will dry together with the cloth diaper inserts to save energy. I put away the laundry hanging in the garage and unload all the dried guest sheets that were used by family staying at our house over the weekend while I was at the hospital.

1:00 – I nurse S again on the couch while E insists on watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

1:15 – E loses interest in Mickey and goes upstairs to help Daddy put fresh sheets on the guest bed. My husband calls his employer about adding S to our insurance.

1:40 – I go into the garage to clean up all the trash that our Jack Russell Terrier, Scout, had gotten into earlier in the day. UNRELATED to this incident, our family also says our goodbyes to Scout before my husband takes him to the vet and then to a new home – we don’t have the time to give him the attention he needs anymore. I don’t think E understands what is going on, but he says “bye” and gives him lots of hugs and kisses, which pretty much breaks my heart.




1:45-2:10 – I rock E to sleep for his (extremely late) nap while S sleeps, then my husband leaves to take Scout to his new home. I can’t bring myself to go and opt to stay home with the boys.

2:15 – I journal in my Circle Maker devotional more while the boys sleep.

2:50 – I work on S’s baby book, pasting newspaper clippings and updating birth stats while texting with my sister and some friends. My husband returns home and we cry together about our dog, who has been a part of our family for 5 years, almost the whole time we’ve been married.


3:45 – I switch my laundry to the dryer with the cloth diaper inserts while my husband cleans all the bathrooms. I begin working on this blog post, then tidy up our room and begin getting all my maternity clothes OUT of my closet.


4:30 – I nurse S while he sleeps. E is still sound asleep.

5:10 – E wakes up crying, but it’s a dream and he’s happy to see me walk in. As I change his diaper, we talk about how Scout is “all gone” and “not here – he’s at a different house,” which he seems to understand, although he thinks he’s either at a church or at a neighbor’s house. I carry S downstairs to nurse him while my husband makes dinner (flatbread pizza) and preps food for tomorrow and to freeze for later (banana muffins and sausage gravy.)

5:30 – I retrieve our clothes from the dryer and fold them, then nurse S again as my husband finishes up dinner.

6:10 – We sit down to eat, then S needs to nurse yet again! This kid!


6:30 – At the suggestion of the pediatrician, I briefly use my pump to relieve some milk pressure, stopping after 3 minutes on each side with 5 oz. of milk to freeze.

6:45 – Mint chocolate chip ice cream!

7:00 – I work on a footprint craft with S


7:15 – He’s fussy after painting, so I nurse him, hoping to calm him enough to get handprints. No luck, so we’ll try again tomorrow.

7:45 – We all sit on the couch – me cuddling with S while E colors and sorts crayons with Daddy


8:15 – E goes upstairs for his bath, and I carry S upstairs for his first sponge bath


8:30 – I feed and rock the baby, who falls asleep at 8:45


9:00 – E finishes his bath, brushes his teeth, and gets ready to rock with me (he puts up a big fight about it) – then it takes him til 10:15 to fall asleep. By this time, I am sore from sitting and text my husband to help me carry him to his crib.


10:15 – I get ready for bed. S is still (surprisingly) asleep in his Rock n Play sleeper by our bed.

10:30 – Sit down to finish this post as it begins to rain. I am thankful for rain and think about how we might actually be able to plant something small this year if we don’t have a dog to tear it up.

10:44 – I check the clock before heading to bed and wonder how many times I’ll be up tonight with the baby.

My morning coffee still sits, untouched, in the fridge.

{Five on Friday}

21 03 2014

Linking up with Darci & friends for this week’s {Five on Friday!}


{one} We’ll start with the best news of my week… we announced our pregnancy! I am 13+ weeks along and due in September! I’m sure there’ll be more updates to come, but for now, I’ve been keeping all updates since Week 4 in a custom pregnancy journal that I designed when I could not find one that was exactly what I wanted! I love recording updates each day, doctor’s appointments, a fitness and weight tracker, etc. This is my 3rd pregnancy but 2nd baby, so I’m taking it one day at a time and not rushing anything! Although we did find out the gender on March 10 at our nuchal ultrasound! We’ve had 3 ultrasounds so far: an early viability scan because of my history of miscarriage, an unexpected {free} scan at 10 weeks to check the heartbeat when the doppler wouldn’t pick it up, and our 12-week scheduled nuchal!



{two} This week I also ran the Shamrock Marathon! You can read my full recap here, but I found it more difficult at 13 weeks along than the Disney Marathon at 4 weeks along, which means this will be my last full ever for awhile… it’s back to shorter distances for me! (I also coach an elementary Girls on the Run team two days a week.) The best part of the race was when they awarded me 2 finisher medals – one for me, and one for baby’s nursery!



{three} One of my favorite friends sent us a fun package this week… gift-wrapped and all! In it was a present for our toddler and a present for me! E loved opening his “I’m a Big Brother” book (seeing his sheer excitement over unwrapping a gift made me wonder if the Easter Bunny should wrap what’s in his basket this year…), and there were more Preggie Pops for me!



{four} Also in the mail… my Simplified Planner arrived! I’ve been particularly excited to simplify and record 2014’s moments in this planner, since it’s a year of lots of exciting changes in our family! I haven’t started using it… just playing around with colors. 🙂



{five} I converted my first aplix (Velcro) cloth diaper to snaps this week – the green one pictured above – … it didn’t turn out too bad, but I’m sure with practice I will become quite adept with the awl and the snap pliers! It used to have a wide Velcro band where the 2 rows of snaps are. This will extend the life of our Aplix diapers right through to our second baby! It’s nice to know that we won’t have to buy any diapers this time around! The beauty of using cloth diapers… 🙂

Happy Friday and happy weekend!!

{Five on Friday}

14 03 2014

Linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for Five on Friday!

{one} I have had this song in my head all week. And I love it. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United (Zion). I’ve needed an encouraging mantra this week as I remember a loss and prep for…

Shamrock marathon map

{two} …running the Shamrock Marathon on Sunday! I’m excited and nervous all bottled up into one and am anxious to recap my experience of running 26.2 miles around Virginia Beach! I will definitely be sharing pictures of the tech shirt I decorated for this race! My hubby is also running, and my sweet parents are watching our son while we run.


Image{three} E loves helping with the dishes in any way he can – sitting on the counter, standing in a chair… He’s gotten really clingy with his Daddy lately, and it’s the most precious thing, second only to when he curls his little arm behind my back at night when I’m rocking him and looks up at me and grins softly before drifting off to dreamland.


Image{four} The kid is too much, too much. One warm day and he’s begging to spend every waking minute outside.


Snap and aplix

{five} I’ve started swapping the Aplix (Velcro) on his cloth diapers for snaps… and okay, I won’t say switching them is a snap because that’s just too conveniently punny, but it IS sooo incredibly easy! Once I figured it out, I ordered color-coordinated snaps for each different color diaper so they’ll look brand new!

{Five on Friday: Valentines Day!}

14 02 2014

Happy Friday and Valentines Day! So glad I got all of our Valentines Day preparations done weeks before our big snowstorm yesterday! With our first wave of snow dropping 17″ of heavy, powdery fluff and a second round lasting all day long, we are enjoying our time at home!


Linking up with our hostesses today to raise awareness for Teddy, a sweet little boy with Menkes Syndrome.



{two} Valentines crafts! E made this at his school… which explains his hot pink feet that day!



Princess Half Marathon, February 2013

{three} I am so jealous of everyone heading back to Disney for the Princess Half Marathon Feb. 20-23! The Princess was my first half! In comparison, I enjoyed the January 2014 Marathon Weekend much more. It was more organized, the official race merchandise was readily available (instead of nonexistent by the time I arrived at Princess!), and runners seemed friendlier and more encouraging – I felt there was more camaraderie at Marathon Weekend and more competition at Princess. I can’t believe it’s only been a year since my first half and that I’ve run 4 others plus full marathon since then! Look how little my sweet boy was when he met Mickey!



{four} Snow day prep! Here are some *nontraditional* things I did to prepare for our snowstorm this week: Spent 2 hours outside delivering hats, gloves, and winter coats to kids at my school before the bell rang to go home – brrr! Returned all of our books to the public library. Washed extra loads of cloth diapers in case the power were to go out – they were done before any snow fell! Looked for the sled we used five years ago during our 3-foot snowfall. Bought extra whole milk for E. Mailed his Valentines several days early. Brought our repaired truck home from the dealership where my hubby works!



{five} School picture day! My son’s school had more class pictures taken. He’s 19 months old, so the whole thing is super cute. His school pictures always come back the same – no smile. But when he came home and found my tripod in the closet, he dragged it all over the house, setting it up and saying, “Smile! Cheese!” So his lack-of-smile just means he was busy taking it all in and studying what the photographer was doing! I wish they hadn’t parted his hair for the picture, although he is in major need of a haircut!


Now off to start Day 2 of this!


World Breastfeeding Week: My journey (so far)

3 08 2013

Disclaimer: this post is about some of my experiences in nursing, so I apologize in advance if it’s TMI for you or if you are easily offended by nursing. But I guess that’s why they have this week, to allow it to become more socially acceptable to feed your baby in public or to encourage mamas to attempt to do it if you have the ability to do so and have doubts. I also recognize that not everyone who wants to is physically able to, and not everyone has the desire to. But this is my experience so far, the only way I know it to blog about it.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I thought I’d post a little about my own journey with breastfeeding, something I’d always planned to do and, more recently, prayed I’d be able to do, when, like pregnancy itself, I realized it’s not something that always automatically happens. I have been fortunate to be able to nurse my son as long as I’ve wanted to, beginning just moments after he was born when he was placed on my chest. (And that nurse who checked my latch just happened to attend middle school with my husband. It would have been awkward if I had any sort of modesty left in me at that point, but I didn’t). I have no immediate plans to stop now that my toddler has hit the 12-month mark. It was always been a 2-way relationship that I can’t imagine discontinuing right now, so I’m very, very grateful to have that connection with him while I still can. At least until January, when he’ll probably have to be weaned so that I can leave him with family for a week while I run the Disney marathon. (Note to self: research airlines policies on milk and whether a pump counts as your carry-on, juuuust in case.)

I went back to work when my son was just weeks old, which necessitated pumping twice a day for about 15-20 minutes at a time for the entire school year. My schedule drastically changed every 4 days, so when I could pump at consistent times, I’d come home with plenty of milk to send to the sitter the next day. Oftentimes, though, my schedule was difficult and unyielding, so I’d come home relying on any surplus milk I’d pumped and frozen to make up enough ounces for his bottles. It made me so, so frustrated and upset on these days when I couldn’t provide enough to feed my newborn because of the schedule I was locked into. Sure, there are laws protecting my rights, but when school’s don’t have money for sub coverage and the building you teach in doesn’t seem to have an ounce of privacy, what can they really provide?)

As I finished up my summer workdays this week and anticipate the school year starting up again (I’m an elementary School Counselor), I can’t help but think of what a hectic, hectic schedule I had last year when I got home, and a lot of that revolved around ensuring that my son was fed. Moms do so much behind-the-scenes for their babies. I’d unpack all the pump parts to get them ready to clean, measure the milk into bottles, being so, so careful not to spill the “liquid gold,” as I called it. My husband would wash all the tiny parts (he had quite an efficient system of washing, rinsing, and stacking them to dry just so). I couldn’t repack the bag until morning, because I had to throw the ice pack in the small cooler in the bottom of the bag. There were times I forgot various parts of the pump, but I always made it work. There was just enough time for dinner before it was his bedtime — bath night, reading, nursing him to sleep while singing him the same 3 songs since he was born (4 different verses of “Jesus Loves Me,” followed by “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” and then a special song my mom used to sing to us that has our names in it). Once he was asleep, it would be time to attend to his cloth diapers – either switching out cycles, hanging them up, or folding them, depending on what day it was. (Honestly it sounds like a lot but it’s not. I never touch them once they go into the pail until they’re clean and ready to dry – the washer does all the work while I do other things). I wonder how life will be different this year without all the hassle that comes with the pump, but I’m sure it will be replaced by older-toddler tasks, like packing lunches.

So anyway. Earlier today I was trying to think of interesting places I’ve nursed:

  • My office at school
  • while babywearing
  • standing in bathroom stalls with him in his Boba 3G carrier (ugh! the worst, but at least he wasn’t touching anything)
  • on a couch in the foyer of a church
  • parked car – all.the.time, which gets more difficult as he gets bigger
  • Busch Gardens
  • designated nursing station at Magic Kingdom at Disney – amazing!!
  • EPCOT at Disney (on a bench outside at the French pavilion)
  • In the grass at a pumpkin patch during a Harvest Festival
  • Friends’ houses
  • Sunday School classrooms
  • At a picnic table in a pavilion
  • Every square inch of my house, except the bathrooms, I’m sure
  • Probably tons of other much more exciting places I’m forgetting!

And interesting places I’ve pumped:

  • Busch Gardens
  • Work
  • Car after a 10k race
  • While riding shotgun to Disney World (passing the bottles to my sister in the back to give the baby)
  • Italian restaurant parking lot in friend’s car
  • At a professional development conference
  • Usually while multi-tasking
  • Again, probably lots of other places! I blame my lack of memory for these things on the very act of nursing itself. It’s like it drains braincells right out of you, what little I felt like I had left after having a baby.

I’m happy to say I never complained once about my pregnancy, and I would never, ever complain about nursing. Sure, I experienced difficulties with each, as most people do — mastitis was NOT fun — but after the reality of a miscarriage, I didn’t take any part of this process for granted for a second, ever. But I do *already* find humor in what I’m going to now identify as a couple of my breastfeeding “casualties:”

  • 3 months after my son was born, I ran a 10k race, and my intention was to pump right before I ran, not having nursed in about 12 hours. But I realized I had only put batteries in one side of the charger pack (there are 2 sides of batteries?!), and I didn’t have an outlet in my car at the time (I do now!). So I ran the entire 10k completely engorged. And I was so desperate to pump afterward (we found more batteries at a convenience store) that I got dehydrated and became very, very sick. Lesson learned.
  • I can’t even begin to count the number of times I got walked in on while pumping in a closet at work – a large closet with no lock. I didn’t care, but I always felt bad if I caught the passerby off-guard. Lol. At least I always wore a cami and a cover.
  • Just the other day at the beach, housekeeping barged in on me while I was nursing, to deliver the dinky towels that our room didn’t come with (full review to come later.) I hadn’t had a chance to change from my wet bathing suit, so I was only wearing the bottoms.
  • Forgetting to unpack the milk when we had a different sitter one day (my routine got off), and I had to toss out 4 full bottles of expressed milk. I did it quickly, like ripping off a bandaid, and was upset for a long time afterward.
  • Spilling precious milk. Inspired by this post by BabySteals.com today:
  • Image
  • And my most recent pattern of casualties: getting bitten. By a toddler with teeth. Enough said.

If you nurse or have nursed, where are some of the more interesting places you’ve nursed or pumped? What sorts of “casualties” have you had?

Quoting Stephanie’s post at Abby’s Lane today, “So to all of the mamas who like our page, breast or formula, we take our hats off to you this week. If you feed your baby with love, this week is for you.” (I’m not sponsored by them or anything, but their company is FAB.U.LOUS.)