Christmas Town Dash 8k at Busch Gardens | Recap!

9 12 2014

We headed to Williamsburg last weekend for our 4th year running the Busch Gardens Christmas Town Dash 8k! (Brief 2013 recap here). I love running through the park. The medals are always so pretty (doubling as ornaments), and we received 50% off tickets to both ChristmasTown and the regular season through September. (Although we had been promised free tickets in writing when we registered).

On the way to Williamsburg, we stopped at our nephew’s 2nd birthday party!


That night, while my parents watched E, we enjoyed one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Williamsburg, Sal’s, to carb-load before the race and have a mini date! The lobster ravioli and smoked chicken/pesto ravioli were incredible, and our waiter INSISTED that I be daring and order the la bomba – probably the most amazing dessert I’ve ever eaten.

Sals 2014

It took us til about midnight to get both kids settled in bed, and then I was up by 3 AM again with the baby, which is typical for them while traveling and always seems to happen on nights before races. I pumped enough for 4 bottles for the baby that morning before we left. It was only the 2nd time I’ve used a babysitter (grandparents) for him, but my first time leaving bottles.

My husband and I left for Busch at 6:30 AM. Race conditions: sunny, 43 degrees F, north wind 10 mph. There were 1787 runners and 188 female finishers in my age group. I had a ballpark time goal in mind, but my main goal was to finish without overdoing it.


It was frigid, so we waited in our car for about 90 minutes before heading to the start. I was glad I had packed running gloves and disposable hand warmers at the last second!


It’s so fun to run through the park all decorated for Christmas!

IMG_0285 IMG_0296

An 8k is just under 5 miles (4.97). My finishing time was 3 minutes over my ballpark goal. (Much slower than last year’s time, but I’ve had a baby since then!)


Afterwards, we undoubtedly negated all the calories we had burned by stopping at Duck Donuts. I wasn’t too impressed with their “Almond Joy” special of the day, but the maple-bacon was hands-down the best donut I’ve ever eaten! We visited my brother’s new house, picked up the babies, and headed back home – a quick trip!




2 responses

9 12 2014

I think I’ve dreamed about those donuts. I can’t wait to go back and get them.

10 12 2014

haha! I only loved the bacon one 🙂

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