Sage | 11 months

29 08 2015

Oh, Sage. You are a HANDFUL.

Sage - 11 months monthly onesie

Weight: 23.6 pounds | Eyes: Blue | Hair: Blonde

You are in that clingy phase. I can’t put you down. When someone else picks you up, you cry. You burst into tears when leave daycare AND when I return – or when your brother walks past the nursery on his way to play outside with his class. But you are so snuggly! And so wiggly! Everyone loves your cuddles.

You’ve long-since given up on your standby comforts, turning down your Wubba (pacifier) for good and refusing any more bottles. I’ve started the donation process for sending all my frozen milk to tiny NICU newborns who need it – I’m so excited! I have about 200 ounces to help other babies.

Eating: You will eat anything. ANYTHING. We abandoned purees a long time ago in favor of packing big-kid lunches and giving you whatever we’re eating for dinner. It makes mealtime so much easier! You actually put away about twice what your big brother eats. You especially love ice cream!

Bath: You love your baths with E. And any water, for that matter – the beach, the lake. You are SO incredibly different from your big brother in so many ways!

Milestones: If we’re not careful, you’ll climb all the way upstairs by yourself and play happily up there. You have no fear of zooming up and attempting to fling yourself back down the entire flight. You also love to scoot around on your giraffe bike, forward and backward and ride in your Cozy Coupe. You pull up easily, walk with assistance, love push toys, and can freestand briefly. But no steps yet!

I just pray that your first steps are with me.


Teeth: You have seven teeth – three new ones came in this week, and It was so bad that Daddy had to pick you up early from school and Mommy had to stay home all day with you the next day. Daycare thought you were sick because of your fever, but Mommy and Daddy knew better!

Sleep: You nap for an hour in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. You typically sleep all night unless you are teething (this week), and then you nurse all night. Allllll night.

Clothes: You’re wearing mainly 24 months and 2T, sometimes still 18 months. I love finding new-to-us clothes just for you, since you are a different season/size than your brother.

I can’t believe you will be a year old in less than a month!!

Sage - 11 month onesie collage 2015



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