Stitch Fix #4 | An Overdue Review!

24 08 2015

IMG_6662So just WOW. I scheduled my next Stitch Fix for September and realized I never blogged about my last one from 2013! And since that last Fix, I have run a marathon and had a baby… a baby who will turn a YEAR OLD next month!

I also went back and looked at my last Stitch Fix blog review and realized I pretty much love everything that they sent me… now. But I didn’t then. Those jeans!!  I want them back!!


And that gorgeous blue jewel-tone tunic — whyyy did I send you back? And the dress looks like it fits! I’m sure it wouldn’t now, so it’s probably for the best that I sent it back. 😉

So back to my last Stitch Fix box… let’s go find those pictures!


How it works:


Upon first glance – super excited! 🙂


Stitch Fix listened to me when I said that I didn’t want distressed jeans because I couldn’t wear them to work, so they sent me a new pair of Kensie Jeans – Johnny skinny jeans. They were a perfect fit, but the wash was super-dark navy, too dark for what I wanted. Plus I was 6 weeks pregnant, so I knew I wouldn’t get to wear them much longer. So sad!!


Status: Sent back RELUCTANTLY. #iwantthemnow

Next up: Tea N Rose Maisie 3/4 Sleeve Font Gathered Top

So glad I decided to keep this jewel-tone, because it’s exactly the color of my new school, and as teachers, we have to wear purple every other Friday. It’s also very nursing-friendly for the baby, fitting more like a wrap.


Jefferson Mixed Stripe Knit Shirt

I thought this print was way too busy (then again, I was having horrendous morning sickness and could barely stand upright for this photo shoot – did you notice how I was holding the wall in my last picture??). Actually, I didn’t even consider keeping it because it came damaged. I did pose for a quick 6-week bump picture with it! IMG_6691


Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan

Another jewel-tone that I decided to keep (no-brainer!) was this gorgeous green quarter-sleeve light cardigan. I seriously wear this one all the time, and it was a new color for my closet. Win-win.


The jeans, cardigan, and tunic – a whole outfit, had I kept it all!

Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf

I had been wanting an infinity scarf, and I loved the navy color paired with the silhouettes. It is actually SO warm and soft. My stylist commented in her note that I had picked out and requested this exact scarf, so she honored my request!


Status: Kept!


The other day when I signed up for my next box, I noticed lots of little changes on the Stitch Fix website for the better. And the turnaround time for getting a Fix is SO much quicker now! The profile questions were much more specific than they’ve been in the past. They want to make sure they are sending you things that will fit both your body and your style. I also noticed they’ve added a lot more “non-clothing” accessories – all types of shoes, handbags, and jewelry. I can’t wait to see what they send me next! I was fairly specific in my requests, and I’m excited to not have to brave a store with 2 little guys in tow. I usually spend the whole time nursing the baby in the dressing room!

Want to try it for yourself? Create your own style profile here! I’d also recommend putting together a Pinterest style board and linking it to your Stitch Fix profile. I do receive a credit for referring friends (that’s how I am getting my next box), and you will get credit when you begin to refer friends, too (!!), but these opinions are honest and all-my-own. Thanks for reading along, and I hope you enjoy the convenience and surprise of your next Fix. 🙂


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