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20 08 2015

I truly believe that every child is a miracle from God. And I appreciate this sentiment so much more now that I’m a mommy. I was drawn to the company “Tink and Key” on Instagram when I learned of their heart for miracle babies, rainbow babies, zipper club babies – and all babies – and for their encouraging and positive messages of faith.

My body had to undergo a lot before I was ready to support a pregnancy. A few days after my 17th birthday, my orthopedic surgeon performed a spinal fusion to treat my severe case of spondylolisthesis, a condition in which my lumbar spine was perched precariously on my sacrum. I had to immediately quit ballet, running, and even PE at school for the years before and after the surgery until my spine could be stabilized. He used a cadaver bone pin to fuse my L5 and my sacrum together, supporting the fusion using bone he grafted from my hip. Recovery included wearing a plastic body brace that covered my entire torso and hinged to a second piece that encased my leg that whole summer and through the fall of my senior year of high school. I also couldn’t drive. I began physical therapy several times a week after school. In college, I continued to have spasms in my lower back and lots of pain and scar tissue until I finally got things under control in my mid-twenties by going to a chiropractor for the first time. The first time he took X-rays, he shared with me that my spine was still not strong enough to support a pregnancy. He explained that we would have to put off our dream of having children, that my spine could not handle it. I was devastated. I drove over the mountain almost every evening in those early months until I began to feel progress. Over a year later, he gave me the clearance I needed to hear, that my spine was much stronger, strong enough to support a future pregnancy.

But we lost that first pregnancy. Later, obviously, I would go on to have 2 healthy baby boys. My oldest is now 3 and is considered a “rainbow baby” because he was born after a miscarriage.

Tink & Key celebrates these miracle babies (and their mamas!) in their unique designs and graphic tees.

Here is what I’m currently drooling over in the Tink & Key line:

Rainbow Baby tee

Proverbs 22:6 tee

My Heart is Full hoodie <— LOVE!!

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made tee

Obviously I was so excited when Tink & Key sent me a shirt for my own rainbow baby to review.* In love with all things teepee/arrows/feathers/gold these days, I chose their “teepee” raglan because of the true meaning behind the shirt:

“This simple tent (teepee) is a reminder that the tent is our earthly home, and that we will endure struggles and hardships, but we can be of good courage because we know where we will dwell eternally.

2 Corinithians 5:1-10 ESV”


Love the chevron and gold detail!


I have all the heart eyes for their navy shirt with gold printing option, but for this review I was sent the three-quarter sleeve shirt printed on the softest American Apparel raglan. I love the clean lines and fonts they use in their designs. Both boys’ bedrooms have similar decor! The rolled edging is just too cool, and the black baseball-tee sleeves make it pop.



The shirt is comfortable and stretchy. I sized up to a 4, although E can still rock most of his 3Ts. If I had sized way down, it could have made a cozy sleep shirt!

Each month, the company donates a percentage of their earnings to a designated charity. Read more about the causes they’ve supported here.

Thanks, Tink & Key, for supporting our journeys. All of them.


*I agreed to publish a blog review in exchange for this awesome shirt, but all the gushings are expressly my own!



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21 08 2015

Love this!

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