Sage | 10 Months

28 07 2015

Sage 10 months onesie

My sweet guy turned 10 months this week!

Sage gets into everything now – he beelines for the stairs or the edge of the bed… eats everything in sight, edible or not. Today I noticed him chewing on a woodchip that he bit off a wooden train at the dentist’s office. Yesterday he was sucking on a plastic size label he pulled from a hanger in a dressing room. No wonder he’s tipping the scales at over 23 pounds! He still loves his sweets, though. He has four teeth (top middle/bottom middle), but the dentist today said he sees 2 more coming in on top, which he predicts will help close up the huge gap between his two front teeth. He’s also really bad about biting us! Like just now. Any suggestions for curbing that habit?

Sage still loves to nurse, and we will continue with it until he loses interest. (E was weaned at 18 months intentionally.) I’m planning to still pump when I return to work next month.

He crawls quickly and pulls up in bed and pushes walking toys around. His vocab still consists of hi, hey, ma-ma and da-da and his brother’s name. His new favorite thing is to point at anything and everything. He wears cloth diapers when we can actually pin him down for a diaper change. He wears size 18-24 months but is starting to wear a lot of E’s 2T hand-me-downs.

He loves laughing and playing with his brother, babywearing, looking in the mirror, walks in the stroller, and crawling around in the sand. He’s still a fairly good sleeper and is STILL in our room with us. He does not like being startled but does love hide-n-seek and peek-a-boo games. He loves any toy or book but has given up his pacifier/Wubbanub completely. If we try to give it to him, he just throws it, so we took both of them away for good.

Sage - 10 months onesie collageWe love you!




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