Sage | 8 Months

28 05 2015

Sage - 8 month monthly photo

Sage, you are so happy, I can’t even stand it. At 8 months, you are ALWAYS happy.

Nursing: We are still going strong on our nursing journey together. You drink 12-16 oz. a day of my pumped milk at daycare, and you always nurse for a full hour when we get home, plus several times in the morning and several times in the evening. I think all this nursing is partly to blame for all the episodes of tachycardia I’ve had lately. I’ve spent too many mornings being monitored in the clinic at work and will see a doctor next week!

Eating: You eat lunch and dinner purees each day and seem to like most things that aren’t green. Just like your brother. I can’t blame you – who likes peas?

Milestones: Scooting, one giant forward crawl, and today you pulled into a standing position. You can easily get across the room with a combo of spinning, crawling backward, scooting, etc. You learned to clap yesterday and can identify all our family members by turning toward them when we say their names.

Teeth: Just lots of drool. One day, you got a Gatorate bottle lodged in your mouth (terrifying for everyone!), and you cut your gums so badly that I could see your tooth!

Sleeping: Hit or miss. Some nights you sleep like a champ, some nights you want to nurse all night every day for a week. You sleep in a pack n play in our room – we haven’t had time to transition you to your new nursery yet!

Wearing: 18-24 months, usually rompers with orange moccs, cloth diapers

Saying: Hi, Hey, Da-Da

Hair: blonde and wispy like cotton candy. Long in front.

Eyes: blue. The only feature you didn’t get from your daddy were his beautiful sage-green eyes. Go figure.

Toys: zebra teether, Wubbas, and J.D. Lester books are your favorites

Doing: You attended your 2nd wedding this week and had a blast! You also love to laugh and read books. I’m too tired to write anything else, but please know how much we love you!

Sage - 8 month collage

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