Five on Friday

17 04 2015


Thanks for stopping by my little corner! I’m making this post brief bc it’s the second time I’ve had to type it after my computer froze last night.

one | My family won passes to see Home in theatres this weekend. E did SO well! He’s never watched a movie all the way through, but he came close with Home, falling asleep on his daddy’s lap 5 minutes before it ended. Sage snoozed in my lap (in the Boba 3G) for most of the movie but did watch 15 minutes of it fairly intently. Cute movie!!


two | We had another breezy spring day recently, so we could finally use our sidewalk chalk paint in the driveway! The colors were so pretty!


three | It’s been so nice to get back into a groove with our church Life Group after taking a winter hiatus with the new baby. The fellowship and adult discussions of Scripture add so much to our workweek. And it was so cute to see all the kids running all over the stage like they owned the place. Even this shy guy:


four | i participated in my first “Workweek Hustle” challenge on FitBit this week with some teachers from another elementary school. It’s encouraging to feel accountable, and it’s surprising to see how many miles I walk just during a normal workday, especially when I feel tethered to nursing once I get home and am reunited with the baby! I really want to get back into a running rhythm soon, though. This was earlier in the week:


five | I took Sage to his 6-month well visit with his pediatrician, and he came away diagnosed with a double ear infection, bronchiolitis (which he’s had for 5+ weeks now), and the possibility of asthma and an order for x-rays in 2 weeks if he’s still wheezing. After the appointment, I updated his stats in his baby book (50 percentile height, 99% head, and 78% weight) and FINALLY took the time to graph both boys’ growth in the books. I wish Emily Ley had come out with her new baby book 7 months ago!!

IMG_2656 IMG_2655Looking forward to a weekend full of events with the little ones while my husband works a craft show! Who could resist this lil fella??

IMG_2648 And maybe hanging the mirror (not pictured) I bought for the half-bathroom we renovated back in 2013! Target always nails it:

IMG_2641Happy Friday!! 🙂



One response

17 04 2015
Stefanie (@LexieLooDylan2)

Stopping by from the linkup! I hope Sage feels better soon. Poor little guy!
I’ve heard home is REALLY good. We loved the previews, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to see it soon.
Enjoy your weekend!

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