Easter Sweets

6 04 2015


We enjoyed a weekend spent with family, food, fellowship, worship, sweets, and lots and lots of eggs!

2015 Easter Basket Blog Hop


IMG_2310 IMG_2322 IMG_2340

My 2-year-old played SO hard with his cousins. Allll weekend. He would LOVE to have a big sister oh my WORD. He kept up with the big kids for the most part, but every so often he’d run upstairs crying for Mommy to kiss a boo-boo or wipe away a tear, then he’d scramble back down to the basement to play.

He still needs me. ❤

It reminded me of this Mama-Mommy-Mom post I just read.

IMG_2341 IMG_2370

My sister was so sweet to fill eggs specifically for the babies – with treasures like baby puffs, grippy socks, and bath toys! E methodically combed the perimeter of Great-Grandma’s backyard during the egg hunt while everyone else ran amok- he was so proud of his loot and happily traded eggs with his cousins all afternoon.


We hope that you had a sunny, safe, and blessed Easter.




2 responses

7 04 2015

Hope you had a good Easter! The boys looked so cute!

7 04 2015

Thanks!! 🙂

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