Braids and Bows

4 04 2015

When I was little, I got it in my head somehow that I’d never be a good Mommy unless I could French braid hair. So I locked myself in my room with my dog-eared copy of “Braids and Bows” (1992 edition) and my Felicity American Girl doll and didn’t come out until I could successfully French braid Felicity’s hair and my own hair.

braids and bows

Somewhere in the next 20 years, I realized that being able to French braid has zero impact on my ability as a mom.

If only I knew then that I’d have two boys. I don’t know much about boy hair. I’ve relied on hairdressers for my toddler until this week, when I realized I couldn’t get him in for a haircut before Easter. So I turned to Youtube, where I learn ALL the important life skills. Like how to cut toddler hair. I watched this tutorial video (the one boy I could find who has hair like my son’s) and this adorable boy, made the trip to Sally Beauty, and set up shop at 7:30 AM.

I had coffee and a gameplan. And if all went well, I’d Youtube how to cut my own bangs. Since I didn’t snag myself an appointment, either.


First, we washed and blow-dried his hair. Even though the tutorial suggested to save the bath for after the haircut, he needed one.


We put on his cape and gave him some candy and an old phone – I quickly swapped the candy cane for a lollipop before I started cutting (sticky… loose hair… near-fail).

IMG_2429IMG_2431IMG_2433It’s so curly that it was hard to see what I was doing, but it also made it easy to hide imperfections. 🙂 Even still, I handed him over to his dad to neaten up the back with clippers (set at 7/8ths).
IMG_2439While I was at it, I watched a few videos about how to cut bangs (here and here) and decided to try my luck with my own hair. First, I straightened my old bangs as much as I could and figured out what I needed to cut.


I practiced by cutting them longer than I’d ultimately want them, and once I figured it all out, I started over and made them shorter. When I finished cutting the length at an angle, I added texture by feathering them as I saw in the video. Easy enough – I can’t believe I’ve never tried that before!


Now I can relax knowing that I won’t have to cart two kids with me to the salon anytime someone just needs a trim!

If I could talk to 10-year-old me, I’d reassure her that to be a good Mommy, I wouldn’t need Braids and Bows, or even this Youtube deal on a place called the internet… I’d just need lots of love, long-lashed butterfly kisses, and coffee.




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4 04 2015

Love this. I cut G’s bangs which isn’t always as pretty as I’d hope but they grow fast. I cut my own hair all throughout college to save money and I still trim my bangs now. It’s a good skill.

7 04 2015

Definitely! I love my new scissors 🙂

10 04 2015
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