Sage | 6 months

28 03 2015

Sage | 6 months

Sage 6 months monthly onesie

I can’t believe half a year has gone by since the night labor began as I was about to collapse into bed after a long day at work, 2 days past my due date. We welcomed you into the world in the wee hours of the next morning and held off on sharing the news for several hours until we knew our families would be awake, savoring those first precious, quiet hours getting to know you.

We’ve been taking it slowly ever since. We’re not in a rush to meet milestones, but you have been growing steadily, passing the 18-lb mark. You enjoy being in walkers and rolling around on blankets, and we even put you in a stroller for the first time a couple days ago so we could stroll around the neighborhood  in the gorgeous spring weather. We were back to snow today, so you loved staying inside with Mommy and playing with your feet, nursing and giggling with Brother, while Daddy went for a long run and then a hike with our church group.

I returned to work when you were 13 weeks old, and I can’t believe I’ve now been back at work longer than I stayed home with you. The last 3 months at work have FLOWN!

You gobble up rice cereal, banana Mum-Mums (rice rusks), and Stage 1 purées, but you still prefer mama’s milk. You drink 20 oz of my expressed milk at daycare each day. You like your Wubba pacifier okay, but you prefer sucking on the side of your hand.

You generally sleep 8:30 PM-5 AM with 15 minute catnaps here and there throughout the day.

If you’re not being held, you have to be propped up where you can see everyone or you get unsettled. But you don’t cry about much.

I’ve caught you and E laughing together in the car and when he thinks I’m not listening, and it is the sweetest thing. You are just as much a gift to him as you are to your parents!

I wear you everywhere in my carrier still, but I’ll be excited the day you can stand on your own – you are getting heavy!! You’re wearing 9 month, 12 month, and 12-18 month clothing, depending on the brand.

With blonde hair, you favor your daddy, but for now you still have my blue eyes. You don’t have any teeth, but you charm us with  your dimples! You’re a little too top-heavy to sit on your own for very long, but it will come and soon you will be thrilled to see everything!

You’ve started chattering a lot more, saying “hey,” “hi,” and “Da-Da,” which I think was a fluke utterance but maybe…?

You could probably sit still to watch an entire movie, unlike anyone else in our family, and you love music. Bouncing and flying are your favorites, even though they make you spit up, but you hate being startled! You still drool constantly and spit up almost every time I feed you. Your most favorite thing of all is to spend time with us, for which I am so thankful.

Sage - 6 month onesie collage

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