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23 03 2015

Our spring weekends are suddenly booked and filled with all things spring – from bridal showers and weddings, to hikes and church happenings. This weekend was an excellent start to kicking off spring.

On Thursday, we participated in a local consignment sale of baby clothes and toys. I was able to buy many spring clothes and shoes in the next size up (nothing more than $4) for both boys while selling lots of their old baby stuff we no longer need.



I also took advantage of Target’s dress sale for a few upcoming spring weddings. I tried on about 14 dresses but stuck with two.


Saturday morning, I got in a run and then spent some time in Michaels collecting what I needed to decorate for a bridal shower this weekend. They now have an entire aisle dedicated to chalkboard art!



That afternoon, we visited the library and drove to a giant playground to enjoy the stunning spring weather. E has been begging me to go back to the library for awhile now – he really misses the puppets, guitars, and cookies from storytime, and I feel sooo guilty that I work and can’t take him now! Maternity leave was such a priceless gift.



IMG_2187Baby Sage is coming up on his half birthday, so we tried him on his first solid food (other than ice cream). Much unlike his brother, he gobbled up every bit of 2 servings of rice cereal. He grabbed the spoon from me and shoved it in his mouth and then went for the bowl! Poor thing doesn’t know peas and squash are next on the menu.


We spent time in worship at church on Sunday then headed out to spend time with my husband’s family. We hung out, celebrated several birthdays, and worked on bridal shower plans. E’s favorite part was riding the tractor with Pops.



While my husband and I got competitive at darts, the cousins engineered some Chuggington tracks together.



Our visit ended abruptly with a family emergency, so we headed home late and were thrown back into the workweek.

Is it Friday again yet??



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24 03 2015
Christine @ We Run Disney

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Spring has become a really busy time for me too. Lots of traveling and family events…all good stuff but it leaves me wanting a simple weekend at home.

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