Sage | 5 months

10 03 2015

Sage - 5 month collage


17 lbs., 15 oz. |26″ long

Blonde hair, blue eyes

Sage! As you’re (too) quickly approaching your 6-month HALF BIRTHDAY (and yes, I already know your birthday party theme!), I’m throwing together my thoughts on life with you at 5 months. We love you so, so much and could have not asked for a better brotherhood between you and E – you are in awe of everything he does. He will always put on a smile and coo for you, no matter what terrible-2s-tantrum he is throwing. He made up an “all-done-crying” song that he sings to you when you’re crying, to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” Usually in the car. It always makes you stop. I never think you look like him, but my TimeHop app shows me otherwise.



(The day E dressed himself)


Your brother loves to read to you, and you love to listen. The other day, E read to you for AN HOUR.


You are the happiest, flirtiest baby. Your teachers at school are forever telling me how you flirt with them and stare at an older (9-month-old) baby named Annabelle alllll day. One day, you had big alligator tears all over your face when I arrived because Annabelle had just gone home! You also flirt with girls on TV.

You love your daddy so, so much. Just like your brother did as a baby, you always come to me for comfort snuggles and milk, then reach for your daddy for playtime and giggles! Your face lights up in a way only reserved for daddy.


You are still nursing like a champ, and I’m pumping 2-3 times a day (always twice at work).  You get super cranky at 8:30 PM and fuss until you pass out, so we dim the lights, tuck you into your Rock n Play, and you sleep til 4-5 AM. You’ve long-since outgrown your Rock n Play, but you refuse to sleep anywhere else. Except on your parents.


When we tried your Pack n Play beside our bed, even with a rolled towel wedged under the mattress, you cried all night long, so it was back to the Rock n Play that our pediatrician hates so much. We put E in the crib in his nursery at 6 months, and you’ll be there soon. I’m not ready for that! Once I get you down in the evenings, I leave to get Brother Bear down, so he’s been going to bed a little later than normal lately. You sleep with your head at the oddest angle!


The only foods you’ve tried are ice cream and (licking) cucumbers. But you’re aggressive about food, often grabbing my cereal bowl or any utensil. You kick your legs and make all kinds of noises when food is near you! We picked up a few things for you to try in the next couple weeks. Stage 1, here we come.


You absolutely still love bathtime and diaper changes. You kick and splash to your heart’s content in your blue plastic bathtub. Your hair is blonde and very soft! You love to play with your toes and often reach for them or for toys. Lately, you’ve been reaching for mommy’s cheeks, pressing your palms flat against my face! You’re ticklish under your arms, along your feet, and when we squeeze your squishy thighs! You love hundreds of kisses at your neck.


Sitting in the Bumbo helps you, but you’ve only sat independently a few times. You’ll happily play with your “crinkle book” from Aunt Laura, your Wubbas, and really any toy. You enjoy the walker both at home and at school. You easily say “hey” and “hi” to us.



I spend a lot of time dancing with you. Music makes you so happy. I often dream about what song we’ll dance to at your wedding, and about how someday, I won’t be able to toss you up like I do now, and that makes me sad. I treasure our snuggly dances! Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift are your favorites.

At almost 18 lbs, you’re bigger than E was at your age, so we’ve had to buy you a different season of clothes than he wore. You’re mostly in Carter’s 9-12 months, Gap 6-12/12-18 months. You went back to the doctor today to see a specialist, so your stats are legit.

Gap boys


You’re happy, easily consoled, and squishy. You laugh with your mouth wide open. We are so blessed that you’re in our little Party of Four!



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