Five on Friday

6 03 2015

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy.

one | Both my boys were sick this snowy, icy week. While I volunteered at church, my husband took Sage to the pediatrician, where he had his first Nebulizer treatment! My friend braved the snow to drop off a diffuser for essential oils. Our house smells SO good right now! I’m thinking that I should have bought one of these to prevent of all the pediatrician co-pays we’ve forked over this winter!

Nebulizer 3

March sick day

two | I ran in a 4.5-mile “mud run” in the snow last weekend (recap here)… and my friends and I were featured in our local paper the next day!


My friend and I are running in the bottom picture, and the girl scaling the wall was also in our group.

three | E holds it together all day at school, and loses it when we get home everyday. I’m sure it’s a mix of being “hangry,” having lots of needs, wanting control and attention, and unwinding after being on his best behavior all day. In an attempt to implement structure into this transition home (while I’m unloading the car, feeding the baby, putting pumped milk away, and emptying cloth diapers into the washer), I’ve made him a picture chart to help him establish habits. I’m going to post these picture series where he can see them when we get home.

Elijahs afternoon 1 Elijahs afternoon 2

four | I won a contest at our local cloth diaper store… a bottle of teething oil! I’m saving it for Sage’s Easter basket. And if you don’t have one of these Easter egg hunt eggs… they’re so fun! We have Maggie the Cow, found (the first time) at our local toy store. 🙂


five | And I will leave you with this tidbit… I can’t even… I don’t know… ??


Happy Friday! Oh, and if anyone comes across some of THIS at Trader Joe’s… we polished off our jar in 3 days and NEED more.




4 responses

6 03 2015
Leslie Hale

Sickness!!! We’ve been down too!!! Diffusing some On Guard this very moment. Hope everyone is feeling better. Congrats on the newspaper article and mud run!

6 03 2015

I keep hearing about the cookie butter…yum! Also I’m loving the deodorant pic. G insists on “putting it on” in the mornings when I’m getting ready lol.

6 03 2015
Stephanie Smallsen

That cookie butter is amazing!!!! I ate it all fall. If you haven’t yet, try it with pretzel sticks or apple slices – heavenly on both!

6 03 2015

Good to know! Thanks for stopping by!

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