Five on Friday | Growing Like Weeds

6 02 2015

Finalllllly back for a Five on Friday. Last week I fell asleep tucking my son into his new bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I literally got nothing done but had endless toddler cuddles. That’s okay with me. This week, I was more on top of things. I picked up free CFA iced vanilla coffee every day after work and hopped on the treadmill once we were all home and settled in the evenings – thus keeping me awake.

one | My kids had a sports-themed jersey spirit day at school last week in preparation for the Super Bowl. I love their theme days! And any chance to dress them alike. My husband made their bracelets.


two | We set up the bunk beds and finally decided on bedding – jersey knit sheets with arrow prints and the softest quilts known to man. For a pop of interest, I’m going to make pillows and a throw-quilt for the end of the bottom bunk. Ignore the wall art, that’s all leaving.


three | I sewed this little guy a beanie to match his Valentine leggings, which he is quickly outgrowing. IMG_1103

four | And speaking of outgrowing, I’ve been making piles of baby clothes and gear to consign. I’m entering about 200 items into the computer for tagging and have my dropoff scheduled in a few weeks. I bought most of it secondhand, so it will be nice to return the favor for my community.

five | For the next size up, my friend let me look through the clothes her son has outgrown before she consigns them. I was able to purchase tons of cute pieces for next year. Win-win! And they’ll eventually fit Sage, too.


Happy Friday!



3 responses

6 02 2015

I love the comforters! Where did you get them?

6 02 2015

the leggings picture is adorable!

6 02 2015

Your boy looks amazed with the new bunk beds! and I love the arrow choice. Those leggings and hat are super adorbs – I totally wish I knew how to sew good enough to make these, til then atleast I have Etsy! I also have a bag of clothes Im about to donate to make room for all the other clothes I need to put in my little ones closet 🙂 Its so crazy how fast they outgrow their clothes!

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