Sage | 4 Months

27 01 2015


Oh. Your little dimple. Blonde hair, blue eyes. We spent all day together yesterday while I had a snow day and sent big brother off to school! And just like that, you’re 4 months old.

Sage - 4 month collage

You breastfeed like a champ. Exclusively. Except for chocolate ice cream. Every now and then, we put a tiny dribble of chocolate ice cream on your lips and you work so hard to slurp it in. Maybe that’s why you weighed in at a whopping 16 lbs., 1 oz. at 15 weeks, when I took you to the pediatrician for your upper respiratory infection.

The ladies at daycare love you and brag about how you love tummy time, smile all day long, and are SO ticklish. They were quick to learn that you roll over as soon as you are put on your belly, so they prop you on a Boppy for tummy time and you LOVE it! And sometimes, you take 4-5.5 hour siestas. It’s true. About once a week, you take one super-long nap, and then you are good to go on tiny catnaps for the rest of the week. Somedays, you drink one bottle at daycare, and somedays, you drink 4, depending on whether it’s hibernation day for you. I never know how much to send, so I keep their freezer well-stocked! Your big brother gets to visit you throughout the day at school, although he usually comes home and reports that you were sleeping when he stopped by. He loves to read with you at home! We nicknamed you “Savory,” so he’ll either call you “Baby Sage” or “Savory Sage.” You love the swing at school but hate it at home! (I don’t blame you; theirs is MUCH fancier!)


You LOVE diaper changes. And baths. You’ve long outgrown your newborn cloth diapers and wear mostly BumGenius cloth diapers (Freetime and 4.0), as well as Blueberries and FuzziBunz. So you’re currently sharing diapers with your brother. You’ll never let us live that down.

You refuse to take a bottle or nurse if something or someone around you is loud. You unlatch, swivel your head around, and glare at the disturbance. You HATE being startled, even for a sneeze, and you quiver your bottom lip for a long dramatic pause before losing it. It really is the saddest, cutest thing. Sometimes while you’re nursing, I catch you sneaking a peek at the TV.

You’ve been sleeping through the night, although lately you might be up one or two times to nurse. You’re pretty consistent about waking up around the five-o’clock hour to start your day, which works well with my work schedule since we’re out the door by 6:45.

You are pretty solidly in 9-month (Carter’s) clothes and are busting out of your Gap 6-12 month clothes. Even though you get a lot of hand-me-downs from your brother, I’ve bought you some “new-to-us” pieces from Instagram shops that are the right season, plus a few new clothes at the BabyGap outlet, justifying these by tagging the clothes you’ve already outgrown to consign. I also gave away a few bags of your baby clothes. Sad!

I’ve put your amber teething necklace on you a few times, because yours hands and fingers are constantly in your mouth. Sometimes while nursing, you’ll make enough room to sneak your fist in there as well. You also like your Wubbanub pacifiers, although you could probably take them or leave them.

You understand buzz words, like “bath,” “diaper change,” “milk,” “mommy,” “daddy,” “Brother Bear” and “hungry” because those words make you flirt, kick your feet, puff out your chest, and drool. I’m pretty positive you say “hi” on a regular basis, too. Oh and you are obsessed with anything Taylor Swift sings. You can laugh like no other and make all kinds of gooey sounds with your voice. When you cry, you go rigid, squint your eyes, and cry big tears.

Your carseat is officially too heavy for me to carry (according to my chiropractor), so I wear you everywhere, even into daycare each morning. You usually fall right to sleep. You even come to church in the carrier and last about 45 minutes in the service with us before needing maintenance. You filled a diaper so loudly on Sunday that 3 rows around us looked at us half laughing/half sympathizing.

Mommy is finally back to her pre-pregnancy weight (and 5 lbs. lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight with E!!), thanks to the stomach flu over the holiday break. I run about once a week for an hour, but it must be the nursing that has helped the most. I feel like I have a long way to go to feel “normal” again. I am running a 10k on Valentines Day and a mud run 4-miler right after, so I really need to get back into consistent training. But it’s so much more fun to snuggle with you in bed!

You sleep beside our bed in your Rock n Play sleeper, although I’d say we need to retire that ASAP after you spun facedown while I was eating lunch with you the other day – yikes! Big brother E has been sleeping just fine in our guest room (queen) bed, so once we get his bunk bed all set up, the crib is yours! I’m not ready for you to leave our room though, so maybe we’ll start buckling you in the Rock n Play.



Happy 4 months, Savory Sage!



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