10 ways to transition from maternity leave

4 01 2015

So there’s a post in the queue tomorrow about heading back to work, but after I cried 3 times today at church about returning to work, I decided to reflect on what I’ve done to make the transition something to look forward to:

one | Daily inspiration.  I found a giant pack of Starbucks travel cups at our local warehouse for a few dollars. I wrote myself encouraging, inspiring, and funny messages for each morning that I’m grabbing my coffee and heading out the door. Yes, they are disposable, but if it’s one less thing to carry home amidst 2 kids, 2 diaper bags, my school bag, lunch, purse, diapers, wet bags, wipes, water bottles, my pump, infant car seat, jackets, kids’ lunches and bottles, and whatever else I’m sure to forget,* then it’s worth it to me. And one less cup to wash between pump parts and a zillion tiny bottle parts. Judge away. I’ll be washing cloth diapers. 🙂

Starbucks cups

two | Random acts of kindness. I’ve planned a few random acts of kindness for my coworkers, which I’m excited about delivering. Do good, feel good.

three | Organizing clutter. In a quest to simplify before life spirals out of control, I decluttered my bedroom and office space. I used the “to do, to read, to file” method of sorting mounds of papers.


four | Simplifying and notes of encouragement. I bought Emily Ley‘s weekly edition of her Simplified Planner and chose some pretty wallpapers with encouraging messages for my phone’s lock screen. I also put a fun background on my desktop at home.

Emily Ley

five | Preparing our family for change. *I dropped off a ton of stuff at my kids’ school/daycare so there’d be less to carry and/or forget tomorrow when we’re rushing. I also talked to the nursery teachers, asked a million questions, and let E see his old teachers from September to get him back in school-mode. He got a new lunchbox for Christmas, which I’m sure he’ll be proud of.

six | Getting back in teacher mode. I spent a bit of time last night reacquainting myself with my office, which I’ve only visited a few times in 13 weeks. I planned lessons for Monday that I’m excited about and read through all the notes my sub left me. I unpacked a ton of stuff and hung up new photo magnets of my kids. And we went out to dinner afterwards… so it felt more like a date, less like work.


Maybe no one will notice if I keep the baby in there all day??

seven | Looking the part. On Friday, my kids simultaneously took 4-hour-naps. Of course it would happen on the last day of my maternity leave! I used the time to try on work clothes that I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant – over a year ago! I have been wearing pajamas for the last 3 months! I put together several outfits that still fit, took pictures of them, and made a quick-reference cheat sheet (now taped in my closet) that I can use to quickly choose an outfit each day.

eight | Changes for E. We had store credit accumulated 5 years ago at a local furniture store, so we used it to buy E a big-boy bed! We’ll put it together this week – I’m really looking forward to this new change!


nine | Wedding! My baby brother gets married this week! So it’s really not even a full work week back for me!

ten | Snuggles. Lots and lots of baby snuggles and prayer. Let’s be honest, that’s mostly what I’ve been doing.


Be sure to check back tomorrow morning!



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