hello, 2015.

1 01 2015

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of good things. Here’s a peek back!

We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family for our traditional dinner, sibling gift exchange, and church service. Because there are 10 siblings (plus spouses), everyone brings one gift and we do a white elephant exchange complete with stealing.

IMG_1503 IMG_1505

That night, we walked around a spectacular lights display and then enjoyed our own family traditions at home with the boys before tucking them in. We read Luke Chapter 2, listened to a 1980s cassette tape of Wilford Brimley reading “The Night Before Christmas” (with pop-up book), set wooden shoes outside the bedroom door for Santa to fill with candy, and put out cookies and milk for him to find.

12-24-14 Santa Town

12-24-14 Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas morning was so fun with little ones! The baby was up at 8, and E was up at 8:30…not too shabby! We ate our traditional breakfast of cinnamon buns and homemade sausage balls. E was at the perfect age to open and exclaim over his stockings and presents. That afternoon, we headed back over the mountain to the in-laws’ for more hanging out.

12-25-14 Christmas

Baby Sage turned 3 months old on 12/27, and we packed up to head to Williamsburg to celebrate Christmas with my family.

Sage - 3 months 12-27-14

Quilt handmade by my mom

We had free tickets to Busch Gardens Christmas Town, but preferred to spend the time visiting with my family instead. The next morning, I woke up at 5 AM with a violent stomach bug that kept me lying on the bathroom floor for the next 12 hours – I lost 6 lbs that afternoon and 8 over the next four days with the bug. Guess that’s a quick way to lose the remaining baby weight… 

NYE, I was still in poor form, but I was able to log all my favorite memories from 2014 in my paper journal like I always do, and it was amazing to see last year’s NYE entry, especially reading about the things that I was so worried about and had been praying hard about for the coming year. My husband made an amazing spread that I could still only pick at (sad!), and I made fancy rock candy drinks that were nursing-friendly. My toddler had no problem staying up til 1 AM, and the baby slept soundly for 12 hours. A good sign for the new year?


IMG_1761 IMG_0620

I loved everything about 2014… so cheers to 2015!




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