Holly Jolly PJ Party | Linkup

22 12 2014

Holly Jolly Pajama Party Invitation  650x650

Joining Julie and Darci for a Christmas pajama party linkup! Check out last year’s holiday jammies… I think we’ve stepped it up this year for SURE. Oh, and we added a kid to the mix.

Hanna Andersson


Christmas jammies 5

Our Hanna Andersson outlet had a huge PJ sale this year, so we stocked up. They’ll probably be wearing Christmas jammies until the summer because they make me happy!

pajama party linkup 11

We threw our own real-life Christmas pajama party! With gingerbread houses and everything. 🙂

gingerbread party 6


Christmas jammies 4


Christmas jammies 6

Reading a book by the Advent calendar before bedtime…


 Helping me put up the tree

Christmas jammies 2


Hanna Andersson 2


Carters 2

One of my favorite traditions on Christmas morning was always waiting at the top of the steps with my siblings until my parents said it was okay to come down – we had to wait for them to make coffee, and they liked to watch us open stockings. E and I always wait at the top of the steps in our PJs, too!

12-27-13 recap 5




4 responses

22 12 2014

Oh sweet baby bums!! I love their Pj’s and its awesome that you have to boys!!
New follower here!

22 12 2014

Thanks for stopping by!!

22 12 2014

Helping me put up the Christmas tree pic! Hahahaha!

22 12 2014

Thanks for visiting! Yes, he fell into the tree box and was stuck there! I snapped a picture before I rescued him. 🙂

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