Five on Friday | Christmas is Coming!

19 12 2014


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one | My family hosted a gingerbread-decorating pajama party! E & S had 5 of their little buddies over to decorate their houses! It was so much fun to watch toddlers basically just eat all the candy while the adults tried to stay one step ahead with the messy icing. Recap here! Check the link for fail-proof gingerbread and icing recipes and templates I used.


two | We also visited Santa at our local toy store this week. E got to hear the reindeer land on the roof of the shop just before Santa descended downstairs. He spoke with Santa from a safe distance while baby brother snoozed on St. Nick’s lap. Read all about it!


three | With the holidays fast approaching, it was time for haircuts all around. I almost canceled mine after getting in a car accident just hours beforehand, but I needed the pampering. E was as predicted, giving his hairdresser the stink-eye for 33 solid minutes while she cut off his strawberry curls.

12-10-14 haircut

four | I found some good deals this week… like $2.06 for 2 new pairs of shoes at JC Penney!

Shoe deal

five |

I took the boys to our park’s winter “open gym” this week. It’s typically $3, but they waived our fee. E had a BLAST with all of the different toys and activities! I was sneaky and tested out his Christmas present there, since they had one, to see if he’ll like it! But now I wish we had this bus, instead – by far his favorite activity!

12-17-14 open gym

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve 2013 revisited



One response

19 12 2014
Tiara Wasner

Ah, your little one did so well with Santa!

P.S. I’m giving away a Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap Food Processor on the blog. Hope you join in the fun!

Have a great weekend!

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