Gingerbread House Pajama Party!

16 12 2014


In addition to our visit with Santa this weekend, we also threw a gingerbread house decorating party! We invited several of E’s friends over and asked everyone to wear their Christmas pajamas and bring candy to share. It was so adorable to see all the friends arrive in their jammies.


The last time I made a gingerbread house, I was in 5th grade, so I turned to Pinterest for ideas, tutorials, and recipes. Here’s what I found to work really well:

gingerbread | icing | templates

I didn’t start making the gingerbread until 9 PM the night before.. oops! So it took until 2 AM. I wanted to make sure the pieces had plenty of time to cool overnight. I only had to make 2 batches of the gingerbread, although I was expecting to make 6.

gingerbread party 1

For the adults, we made sausage dip and a gingerbread roll cake. I made the gingerbread roll, the icing, and assembled the houses the day of the party.


Luckily assembly wasn’t too difficult, since the icing dried very quickly! I’m glad the tutorial had suggested to bake the gingerbread pieces a little extra so that they’d be more stable.

gingerbread party 2

Once the kids arrived, they played pretty hard for awhile and then it was time to start decorating/ eating candy!

gingerbread party 3



gingerbread party 4

I still catch him sneaking little pieces of candy off his “cookie house” throughout the day! We are so thankful that we could share this activity with friends! 🙂IMG_1417




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19 12 2014
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