Infant Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

12 12 2014

Stocking stuffers for babies

Have a new baby? Need stocking stuffer ideas?* At my house, these items are wrapped and ready to be stuffed!

1 | chocolate teether: Confession. This is a hand-me-down from his big brother. And I still need to locate it in our house.

2 | Dr. Seuss book: Our pediatrician actually gave us this book.. he’s getting several new books for Christmas

3 | Reindeer Wubbanub with PLAID! Found on Amazon and got it for $7/free shipping with credit and Amazon Prime!

4 | banana practice toothbrush Just because…

5 | silicone owl teething mommy necklace: Another hand-me-down – My mom gave me this for Christmas. I liked wearing it while babywearing – so convenient!

6 | baltic amber teething necklace: Again, a hand-me-down. We bought this at a small local shop, but I’m just tagging the first link I found online.

7 | BumGenius Freetime cloth diapers in Sassy and Armadillo. They *might* not actually fit in the stocking. We could use just a couple more, so I bought these on Small Business Saturday. And got in a car accident on my way to picking them up. :/

We are following the “something he wants, something he needs, something to wear, and something to read” trend to keep things simple this year, and a couple of these items are part of that!

*Not compensated for my links… just sharing my ideas!



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