Winter Traditions

3 12 2014

I’m revisiting my winter bucket list from 2013 and thinking about what is different this year now that we are a family of 4! I hope that many of the traditions will stay the same, but we will add in a few new ones. And I’m certainly not running the Disney marathon this year. Instead, my little brother gets married that day!!

Winter Festivities list 2013

We’ve had our first snow of the season and built a snowman. We’ve made lots of new ornaments (many not pictured). The baby sat in my lap while I sewed him this fox:

2014 Sage ornament

11-18-14 photo strip ornament

On the first day of December, the boys got in matchy-matchy Christmas PJs, sat on a blanket, read Christmas books, and tried out our new Advent calendar. This might have to become a new tradition!


Dec 1 tradition 2014




I’m obsessed with Christmas pajamas. The boys have enough to wear year-round at this point, and they probably will!


Hanging lights outside… driving to see lights… and a light display at our local park.

Elijah - lights 2014

Elijah - lights 2014 - 2

Watching Christmas Vacation (obviously). 

{Free} peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes at Chick-fil-a might have to join the list:



We are looking forward to the candlelight service at church, running a 5-miler through Busch Gardens ChristmasTown, baking cookies with grandparents, and our gingerbread house-decorating PJ party! There is so much to celebrate this season, but I hope that we can help our boys to hear more about Jesus through it all.




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