Sage |2 months

1 12 2014

Sage 0-2 months Sage 0-2 months HELLO

Still playing around with different series of monthly pictures…

Sage, you are 2 months! We visited the pediatrician today… despite lots of playdates with her son, today was the first day she’s met you awake!

Sage 2 month checkup

  • Birth story
  • Weight: 13 lbs., 4 oz. (up from 7 lbs., 12.9 oz. at birth)
  • Length: 23.25″ (up from 21″ at birth)
  • Hair: You have quite a bit – blondish-brown. I love it so much!
  • Eyes: blue, and your eyelashes are growing long but not quite like mom’s and your brother’s…we can hope!



Brother’s miles of lashes…

  • Nicknames: Savory, Sweet Peaches, Peaches, Sagey-Lou. You get called a girl a LOT because of your name and mommy’s very girly baby carrier!
  • Eating: nursing regularly and always on both sides. You’ll try your first bottle this week! We’re hoping you’ll take to a simple bottle, not one with lots of little parts to wash.
  • Doing: lunging at Daddy, sticking out your tongue, echoing pleasant noises, returning our smiles, swatting at toys, lifting your (16.25″) head.


  • Sleeping: You sleep a majority of the day – in 5 hour chunks – but are ALWAYS up from 4-7 AM. Usually up 1-2 times per night to sleep-nurse.
  • Favorites: Wubbanub pacifier (“Wubba”), being held, babywearing, smiling at your brother, baths.
  • Dislikes: tummy time, not being held, sudden noises (bottom lip comes out).
  • Wearing: Size 6 months. Love dressing you in browns, greens, seasonal PJs, and stripes.

Prayers for you this month: God, I pray that I can savor each and every precious moment with my boys as I approach the time when I will return to work. I pray that Sage will transition easily to a bottle, and that I will have enough milk to freeze some extra here and there. I pray for the time I have with Sage to be cherished – time to read to him, time to celebrate holiday traditions and new milestones, time he’ll spend with his brother before they are split into separate rooms at school. I pray that he will be at ease at school – he loves to be held all the time! I praise God for him, his health, and that I have this rare chance to be with both my boys all day. Amen.


First hotel – The Williamsburg Lodge


First snow






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