Five on Friday | Holiday Prep

21 11 2014

I’m spending the week holed up in a luxury hotel with my sweet family for a work conference, followed by outlet shopping with my mom! All while wearing my newborn in my Boba 3G carrier. Poor me. Now let’s link up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natashaoh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy, and Friday Blog Hop!

one | Emily Ley’s recent “make things happen” post made me consider how holiday activities don’t just always happen – they might require simple planning. So on Monday – a cold, rainy day – I was intentional about my time with the boys. We spent the morning making gingerbread playdough together! A basic rolling pin, cookie cutters, and plastic knives (along with ingredients we already had) were all we needed to make memories together.

11-17-14 gingerbread play dough

two | Also in a “Make it Monday” kind of mood, I made this loaded potato soup with my 2-year-old. It was so perfect for a day with temps maxing out in the 30s. It was a little involved for being a crockpot recipe, but it was worth it! I love that we’re raising him to love helping out in the kitchen, doing things alongside us. Even if he won’t try anything we make!

11-17-14 loaded potato soup

three | Photo-strip ornaments Since we’ll be traveling in the near future, we’ve already decorated our Christmas tree, which made me realize just how many ornaments we have for E. I need to step up my game for baby S! We made fun photo-strip ornaments on Tuesday. (I made several of these after E was born to give as gifts.)

11-18-14 photo strip ornament

Photostrips // Wal-Mart. Colorful paper//CardStore packaging material.

four | Online Christmas shopping This has been my lifesaver this holiday season. It’s so much easier to browse when I get a chance, rather than carting a potty-training-toddler and a newborn aimlessly around a store. (Relive that experience with me here.) Plus I can get more Ebates, eBay bucks, and Amazon credits by purchasing online. And free boxes. Even though we’re keeping gifts simple with our boys this season (want/need/wear/read), I’ve been having fun following eBay and Instagram clothing sales and scored a few trendy clothes for E (and one day, S) that way.


five | 15 days til my race and 3 weddings to attend this year! The treadmill miles fly by more easily with a good read and headphones – this week it was  the new Shopaholic book and Florida Georgia Line on iHeartRadio. Made possible by my hubby coming home during his lunch break and watching the boys. As with “Leaving Time,” I also reserved this book at the library before it was released.


Happy Friday! Today is Day #2 of my “intermittent maternity leave,” which means these few days are not docked from my paycheck while I’m attending a conference that my work is paying for. So blessed!




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