Five on Friday

14 11 2014

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one | Moccs

Having two boys was supposed to mean lots of hand-me-downs, right? At least I thought so, until I realized that July and nearly-October are completely different seasons. Now that it’s cold, Baby S has been wearing his brother’s baby pajamas all day and snoozing in very-pink-and-frilly baby girl sleepers at night. So anyway, a few new(-to-him) clothes and these grey moccs were in order, right? Because I bought them this week the moment they landed.

moccs two | $3.12 sweater/my new normal

I had a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase at JC Penney this week, so I thought I’d just “pop in” with both boys in tow – I was babywearing S, and E was walking. This is how it went down: Couldn’t find anything I liked in the baby dept. Or toddler section. Newborn was hungry. Tracked down the little boy’s dressing room to nurse him and took a random baby jumpsuit in with us for good measure – you know, to make it look like we were trying stuff on. While nursing, E announced from his perch on the bench that he needed to go potty. Like asap. Reluctantly unlatched the baby, restrapped him into my carrier, put the jumpsuit back on rack, found restroom. Held E over the potty (still while babywearing an infant.) E didn’t go. Got him dressed again, everyone’s hands washed, picked up the jumpsuit to “try on” again and returned to the dressing room to nurse. Then decided to look in the petite section – grabbed a cute sweater. Returned to little boys’ dressing room to try it on. Got baby out of the carrier so that I could try on said-sweater. E said he needed to potty again. Strapped baby back on. Returned sweater to petite section with intent to buy. Much more luck in the bathroom this time despite very rude commentary from an elderly woman. Went back to retrieve sweater, but realized it was an exclusion listed on my coupon. Grabbed it anyway. Returned to baby section to grab the jumpsuit in case coupon didn’t work while E proceeded to have a meltdown ~ “I’M ALL DONE!”. Hurried to checkout. Cashier recommended I find another place to checkout b/c she was tied up. Stood in a long line at another register. Luckily the coupon worked on the sweater – I only had to pay $3.12! Put jumpsuit back. Took toddler to B&BW to calm him down by letting him smell candles. He tried heisting travel-sized hand sanitizer so we quickly left. I’d include a picture of my $3 sweater, but it’s currently in the washer covered in spit-up.* So here’s us BF’ing in the dressing room. Stitch Fix next time?



three | Red Cups *Starbucks was BOGO this week. Earned it.

IMG_9686 four | Playdate

We met up with my SIL and a friend from college to take our kids to a children’s museum using a free family pass – so much fun! How cute is this miniature Panera discovery center??


IMG_9689IMG_9690 five | Operation Christmas Child

On Tuesday, before our final LifeGroup potluck, we dropped off our Operation Christmas Child boxes at Chick-fil-a – a favorite Christmas tradition. Recap here! While there, we redeemed event tickets for free grilled chicken sandwiches to save for lunch and collected a few more free coupons for filling OCC boxes.

IMG_9621 Happy Friday!




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15 11 2014

Oh that JC Penny story… I can relate! Sounds like you handled it with patience and grace! Since having 2 I have barely done any shopping with the two of them in tow… so I barely shop any more unless I make a special trip out at night while my husband watches them.

21 11 2014
Five on Friday | Holiday Prep | Running MOMentum

[…] a chance, rather than carting a potty-training-toddler and a newborn aimlessly around a store. (Relive that experience with me here.) Plus I can get more Ebates, eBay bucks, and Amazon credits by purchasing online. And free boxes. […]

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