Back at It | 6 Weeks Postpartum

10 11 2014

Saturday marked my little man’s 6th week! It’s such a calendar milestone – I had my postpartum checkup today with my midwife, and I might have gone back to work today had I not opted to take 12 weeks this time. (Actually 14 because of the 2-week winter break that follows my 12!) Baby S has rapidly outgrown his newborn clothes, is exclusively nursing, and is offering us fleeting smiles in his sleep as well as a few genuine ones for kicks. He’s also been out-of-state to North Carolina.

Now that my midwife officially cleared me to run again, I wanted to post some fitness goals. Yesterday I did the most un-noteworthy amount of situps ever. To stay motivated, I printed fitness logs for November and December and mapped out a small training plan for the race I’m running in December. I also plotted out a 30-day ab challenge (numbers in the bottom right corners) – nothing major, just daily sit-ups. Although I’m sure my abs have not quite reunited yet, my midwife did compliment mine today – ha!

11-9-14 fitness log

I also ran yesterday! I started small – 30 minutes on our treadmill with a 5-minute cool-down walk, then lots of stretching. So there’s that. 11-9-14 running

Back to the land of neon clothes and drinks.

I also set small fitness goals:

November | Train for December 8k, strengthen abs, lookup fun races

December | Run 8k, choose next race(s), regain muscle tone

My rewards will be: participating in races, having more energy, and feeling healthier. 🙂




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