Five on Friday

6 11 2014

Linking up EARLY for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy. Also with Hodges Podges, and Friday Blog Hop.

one | This week, with my newborn and potty-training-two-year-old in tow, I drove out-of-state my sister’s house for a quick overnight visit. While we were there, she did a newborn photo session with my little one. It was so priceless to see her and her kids play with my babies! I wish more than anything that we lived closer. Next time, though, I’m not making the 5-hour drive without my husband! It was so heartbreaking frustrating when my 5-week-old was squalling in the backseat while we were stuck in bumper-to-bumper accident-caused traffic in the dark of night/middle-of-nowhere while my toddler was wailing that he’s gotten his hand stuck in something and we still had an hour to go before home!



two | I’ve been chipping away at Jodi Picoult’s new book, Leaving Time, which I reserved at the library before it was officially released. It’s SO well-written! And yay – it’s finally flannel sheets season! – a Target Black Friday deal last year.


three | E had his first *official* visit to the pediatric dentist this week (at 28 months) – even though he went over the summer after chipping his front teeth on a trampoline. The dentist filed down the chipped teeth, gave him a fluoride varnish, scraped away some calcium build-up, and gave him a certificate for the “No Cavity Kids Club.” He loved the train table in the waiting room so much that we spent an extra hour playing there afterwards. The whole practice is train-themed – he even received sunglasses to wear during the appointment and a boarding pass that held the date and time of his next visit.



four | While at my sister’s, E slept in a big-kid bed and did surprisingly well! He attempted a lot more stalling and only fell out once, but I think the transition from crib-to-bed won’t be so difficult after all! And yes, those are Christmas PJs. Most of his PJs right now are Christmas-y, and I searched way too far and wide for these specific Hanna Andersson Christmas jammies to let them just hang in his closet!

IMG_9463 IMG_9464

five | 

At five weeks, my baby boy gave us his first genuine, alert smile – directed at his big brother! I was SO happy to catch the exchange on camera. And just for good measure, I’ll throw in an earlier REM-sleep smile I snagged. 🙂


^This is what maternity leave is all about^

Looking forward to the weekend – my little peach is turning SIX WEEKS OLD which means his momma is allowed to run again! And with 9 more pregnancy pounds to lose and a race coming up in ONE MONTH, it’s time to start training! And I can’t believe that if I weren’t taking my full maternity leave, I’d be going back to work on Monday!



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7 11 2014

Hi! Stopping by from That Friday Blog Hop

7 11 2014

Stopping by from the Five on Friday link-up. Oh that sweet smile makes me miss my maternity leave so much! And I totally get living away from your sister – mine is 12 hours away and it just kills me!

7 11 2014

Stopping by from the link up! LOVE baby smiles- the absolute best!!

8 11 2014

I have been wanting to read that book! I am still on the waiting list, what a good idea to sign up before it comes out!!

9 11 2014
Love CompassionateLee

What an adorable smile from your baby boy! Thanks for the awesome book suggestion! I hope you’re enjoying a restful Sunday evening with the family, Ashley 🙂

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