Halloween Costume Party!

30 10 2014

Happy Halloween! Linking up with Julie for a Halloween costume party!

After debating whether to have matchy-matchy brother costumes (you know, one as the Man in the Yellow Hat and the other as George, etc.), I decided on individual costumes.

My 4-week-old ended up with enough costumes to wear a different one to each Halloween event – a peapod, a pumpkin, Mickey Mouse, and a giraffe. (I made the Mickey costume themed around a beanie my sister gave us, and we had all the others.)


IMG_1118 IMG_9143 IMG_9142

E, on the other hand, needed a new costume, or he’d have to be a kangaroo again. So I got to work making this Peter Pan costume, which I knew would be adorable on my redheaded toddler. With a newborn at home, I tried to avoid a trip to the store by only using things we had around the house. I even borrowed a sewing machine, which our family friend dropped off in exchange for newborn cuddles.


I told my husband I needed a piece of green fleece, and he let me cut up his (nice) fleece blanket for the tunic. I freehanded some patterns, which I then cut from felt pieces I already had.

IMG_9033 IMG_9058 IMG_9057

I then sewed it all together, which took 2 days’ worth of nap times to accomplish. I accidentally snapped one of the needles in half, so we did have to invest a few dollars for new needles.

IMG_9043 IMG_9036 IMG_9040 IMG_9059

IMG_9060 IMG_9062

Aaand the finished costume. I secured his hat with bobby pins, since it seemed to shrink a tad when I sewed it all up. I bought the sweatpants from Wal-Mart and threw a green shirt under the tunic for warmth. I ended up hand-sewing parts of the belt and knife, which I prefer to using a machine. (I spent my childhood working at Colonial Williamsburg, learning how to sew all sorts of projects by hand.)


So far, we’ve paraded in our costumes and trunk-or-treated in them. We’re excited for Halloween tomorrow! Here’s a flashback of our last two Halloweens:


Halloween 2013


Halloween 2012



5 responses

30 10 2014

It turned out great!

30 10 2014
natasha {schue love}

Oh this makes me so excited to have a little one again!! So adorable! Thanks for linking up!

30 10 2014

My gosh you are crafty! That is amazing. My fave is the tiny giraffe, but I love that you could have a fun new dress up for all your events!
I also like how we measure time spent on things by how many nap times it takes, ha.
Happy Halloween Eve!

30 10 2014

I can’t believe you made the Peter Pan costume! It looks amazing! LOVING both your kiddos so much! Thanks for linking up with us!

30 10 2014

So cute!! Love love the peter pan costume, you are so good! You littlest one is precious too! Lucky kiddo with costume changes 🙂

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