Countdown to Halloween | Scary pumpkins and 300 sorority girls…

21 10 2014
The Chronicles of We

Linking up with Sweet Turtle SoupThe Chronicles of WeCocktails & Carseats, and Tickled Pink for Countdown to Halloween! Today I’m recapping some fall trips we’ve made as a family. 🙂 We’ve visited a pumpkin patch and our local fall craft festival, and we added two festivals over the weekend.

On Saturday, we spent the day at our Christian radio station’s fall festival. Our plan was to stop by, drop off a food donation, meet the sweet DJs, then head out to visit a local farm. Our toddler wasn’t interested UNTIL we started leaving and he pointed back at the face painting tent and said, “I want to do that.” So we figured we’d wait about 10 minutes in line, get his face painted, order from the food truck, then finish out the afternoon at the farm.

UMMM… TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF WAITING IN LINE LATER… his face was painted, the food truck was gone, the festival was over, and the farm was going to close soon. Luckily we had friends waiting in line with us! We drove through Chick-fil-a on our way home, he fell asleep (thus ruining the face paint), and we called it a day!

IMG_8861IMG_8869IMG_8866 IMG_8878

I think it was supposed to look like the skin being pulled off and a pumpkin was underneath…

After church on Sunday, we made it to the farm, which is considered an “agritourism” destination and is an attraction for field trips, families, and apparently, as we learned on Sunday, sororities. There were at least 300 sorority sisters there. They waited in line for hours at the one food truck, had a chapter meeting, then left. A lot of them also got little pumpkins. (We look pictures.)

IMG_9017 IMG_9016 IMG_9018

We spent the day riding trains, visiting the animals, sliding down a 60-foot hay bale chute, braving the longest, fastest  carousel ride EVER, visiting “Pumpkin Hollow,” playing in a corn kernel pit, gallivanting on the playground, eating yummy snacks, and watching pig races. The only thing we skipped was the corn maze because after everything else, our oldest was ready for a nap. Plus, last year, the corn maze took us 2 hours.

IMG_8895 IMG_8898 IMG_8902 IMG_8906

IMG_8930 IMG_8933 IMG_8944 IMG_8946 IMG_8966 IMG_8968

Baby’s first official ride. If you don’t count Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, BTMR, et al. at Disney while I was pregnant.


I wish we could do these things year-round!




4 responses

21 10 2014

What a fun weekend! I LOVE the face paint he got – amazing! Good thing you got such a great picture before he car napped on you! The farm also looks like a lot of fun – the cow carousel looks like a blast!

21 10 2014
Kelly Mock

Great pictures!!! Looks like so much fun!!

21 10 2014

hm, the face paint is kind of creepy on a toddler. And 2.5 hours in line? Thhhhat is terrible. Too funny about the 300 sorority sisters. I always loved the corn kernel things, and since I haven’t found one around here I thought I’d just buy a bunch and toss it in a bin…diy style. But apparently it would cost like 90 bucks just to get enough to be fun. shucks.
Thanks for linking up today!! Happy less than two weeks until Halloween =)

21 10 2014

Don’t you just love how toddlers always have their own timeline? Glad you guys made it to the farm though, both activities looked fun 🙂

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