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17 10 2014

Linking up for Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha, and oh hey, Friday with Karli and Amy

one | Last night, the rain finally cleared and I was able to take the boys out for an evening photoshoot and a romp around the park at sunset. The weather was perfect, the sky was spectacular, and the leaves were nothing short of stunning! And now I have hundreds of photos I need to go through!








two | On Saturday, we braved a misty morning to attend our town’s annual fall festival, where crafters line the downtown area and food trucks set up on the plaza.

10-11-14 Fall Foliage Festival

three | Ever since I started my maternity leave, my husband has been coming home for lunch to help out. It has been sooo nice to be able to pop out for a quick errand or two while he stays with our kids! Errands like picking up contacts I ordered from the eye doctor – which could take all day with kids – take about 10 minutes roundtrip. I did, however, successfully take both kids to the pediatrician this week unscathed.

10-13-14 pediatrician 1

At all of his little brother’s appointments now, E has to get checked for ear infections.

10-13-14 pediatrician 2

Up over a pound in 2 weeks!

four | One rainy morning this week, E and I made pumpkin mousse! The recipe was pretty much identical to the pumpkin dip recipe I followed a couple weeks ago. Oops!

10-15-14 pumpkin mousse

five | I’ve also taken some indoor pictures with the baby this week and will be sifting through these pictures for a loooong time!

10-14-14 Sage 6

10-14-14 Sage 9

10-14-14 Sage 10

10-14-14 Sage 11


Sage 10-14-14 - 2

Sage 10-14-14


Happy Friday! I’m planning to enjoy another gorgeous fall day outside! 🙂




9 responses

17 10 2014

Just found you through the link up. Congrats on your beautiful boy!

18 10 2014

Thanks for checking out my blog!! Enjoy the weekend!

17 10 2014
Kelly Mock

OMG! All of the pictures are precious!

18 10 2014

Aww thanks!!

17 10 2014
Sarita G

Wow! Such wonderful pics! And yes, errands take soooooo much longer now with two! I await for my husband to come home also.

XO sarita it’s my girls’ world

18 10 2014

Thank you for reading!!

17 10 2014
Ashley Street

Stopping by from the link-up! Your boys are so precious!

18 10 2014

Thanks for visiting! Have a good weekend!

21 10 2014
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