October 15

15 10 2014

The constant rain this week has, for the most part, kept me inside with my little ones, which is fine with me! We’ve been enjoying not only the meals dropped off every few nights by dear friends, but more importantly, the (albeit brief) fellowship of having friends and family in our home in the evenings and introducing them to our sweet baby boy.

Our newborn, S, hit the 2-week mark this past weekend, and I’m constantly worried that one morning, I’ll wake up and he won’t look like a newborn anymore. I used yesterday’s rain as an excuse to stay inside with him and take pictures to capture his precious newborn features.

Sage 10-14-14 - 2Sage 10-14-14

In comparison, today was rushed – with both boys off to the pediatrician, S for his 2-week appointment and E for a nasty cough he’s been fighting. Getting the car loaded and both boys in and out of the doctor’s office in the torrential downpour was a fear I’ve been anticipating since I found out I was pregnant with my second. Once at home, naptime was a juggling act with both boys wide awake – the baby kept E from falling right to sleep, which resulted in E stalling for the next 3 hours by claiming he needed to use the potty (which he has successfully been doing this week, the only reason I let him cry wolf). The battle of wills was finally over when E literally fell into the potty, a feat so traumatic for him that he begged for footie pajamas, his flashlight, Mickey Mouse, and blanket, then promptly went to sleep in his crib.

I could have let this drive me crazy. (It did, a little bit.) But I also know that these are the moments that count.

October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. An annual reminder or day of awareness for some, but it represents a precious life I think about every day. An ultrasound image I never asked my tech to print. That doctor’s office I never returned to. That first baby I never held. My first pregnancy I lost.

Camp Dragonfly 2011

Grief camp 2011

Camp Dragonfly 2011 - 2

Balloon release

Camp Dragonfly 2011 - 3

Grief camp

Remembrance Walk 2011

October 15 Remembrance Walk

Remembrance Walk 2011 - 2

In my Life Group, we’ve been reading “The Circle Maker” (participant’s guide), and I’ve been reflecting a lot on answered prayers and God’s timing. I am happy in this place, and the hindsight of God’s timing in my past gives me faith in His plans for my future.

Oct 12 2013

Running in the autumn rain – Oct. 12, 2013

Psalm 126:5 Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.

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