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3 10 2014

This past week has been especially precious to me. I gave birth to our second son early Saturday morning! I’ll be posting my birth story and about our nursing journey soon, but for now, I will leave you with some sweet moments from our first week of getting to know our new little pea.

one | Fall is my absolute favorite season, and our plans and traditions will still continue with a pumpkin patch visit, apple picking, Halloween, foliage photography, and lots of fall festivals! We don’t have any fall races on the calendar, but we will have a new pumpkin in tow for all of our other seasonal favorites! He has already been to school picture day, Life Group, and his first pediatrician visit.


| Target |

two | The first thing I noticed about this kid when he was delivered was his HAIR. My.word. For him being so fair, there was a lot of it! And it was perfectly styled into a little mohawk that lasted for days.


three | I couldn’t have asked for E to be a better big brother (they’re 26 months apart). From the start, he’s been so loving and helpful. Sure, he’s said “mine!” a lot more this week, but at least he’s very black and white when it comes to his things and the baby’s things. And it’s precious that every morning, he asks about the baby as soon as he wakes up.


And just for kicks, some side-by-side “oooo that face!” wrinkly forehead pics comparing the two of them. I can’t help it – it’s my favorite newborn face and I hope I never forget it. E is on the left (July 2012) and S is on the right (Sept. 2014).

Same swaddle.


four | We put him in his first cloth diaper on Thursday. These are specifically newborn-sized (BumGenius), but the BG ones that his big brother E currently wears fit 8-35 pounds, so they’ll be sharing soon.


five | This time around, I realize how quickly he will grow and change. I’m not saving cute clothes for special occasions – he’s wearing them daily. I’m taking pictures of everything, writing down as much as I can, and I did a Day in the Life post on Wednesday. I’m holding him all the time, rarely putting him down. I know in a week or two, he’ll look like a completely different baby. They’ll be subtle changes, but I know he won’t be as fragile or small as his wrinkly newborn frame begins to fill out. So I’m making keepsakes like this while he’s still so tiny:


Happy Friday! Linking up with Karli and Amy for oh hey Friday and April, Natasha, Christina, and Darci for Five on Friday!



17 responses

3 10 2014

Yay cloth diapers!

3 10 2014

Oh my goodness! This post is full of so much cuteness! 🙂

4 10 2014

Thanks for stopping by!

3 10 2014

Awww your boys are precious!!!

4 10 2014

Thanks! Hudson is adorable as well – I love reading about his adventures!

3 10 2014
Jenn@Going the Distance

What a sweet post about your boys 🙂 Love the halloween onesie!!

4 10 2014

Thanks! I can’t stop buying pumpkin outfits for him, lol!

3 10 2014

Congratulations! He’s adorable! And you’re right, you should use the good outfits for everyday, it really does go so fast. Enjoy your weekend of baby snuggles

4 10 2014

Thank you for reading! 🙂

3 10 2014
Elise @ Cheers Y'all

Blessssss these sweet babe pics!!! xx

3 10 2014

Such sweet boys! Mine are 19 months apart. Brothers are the best! 🙂

4 10 2014

Aw thanks! I love your fall table and your boys’ Halloween jammies! Now following on bloglovin’ 🙂

3 10 2014

Your new little one is precious!! And that pumpkins outfit, there are no words! Happy Friday:)

4 10 2014

haha, thanks!! Enjoy the weekend 🙂

3 10 2014
Annie Malone

Such a sweet little baby and theres nothing I love more than babies in October dressed as sweet little pumpkins!

4 10 2014

Thanks for visiting!! 🙂

4 10 2014
Bekah Bruce

Congrats!! And they do change so, so fast!!

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