Week 40 | Bumps & Wiggles

24 09 2014

Bumpdate blog

Week 40 | Bumps & Wiggles

40 weeks - pregnancy 2014

Emotions | Weary

Gender | Boy

Names | Keeping a surprise – we hid all the monograms in case of company

Affirmations | Heartburn, backache

Signs of labor | Braxton Hicks, some dilation and 50% effacement, other definite signs

Baby size | Baby estimated 20″ and approx. the size of a PUMPKIN, 7.5-8 lbs.

To do this week | Have a baby?? Keep on spinning baby until he comes

Things checked off list | Everything. My school even opened the online report card window so that I could get all 560+ report cards done today before the baby comes, then shut it again until it’s actually time for other teachers to do their report cards. Every afternoon when I leave, I put sub plans on my desk for the next 3 days, which is in addition to the 12 weeks of plans I already gave my long-term sub. I had my 40-week midwife appointment Monday and scheduled my 41-week appointment for next week. Also.

Movement felt | All the time. Right now he’s facing to the left, halfway between posterior and anterior. My belly is usually lopsided (with baby way over to the right – pain.ful.) –


Cravings | None and I lost another 3 lbs. this week, so my final weight looks to be under what I was with E.

Aversions | Hamburger

Workouts this week | Lots of walking at work, lots of stretching at home using the Spinning Babies website

Weight/size | Belly measured 39 cm at my 40-week appt and I’m down 3 pounds in four days

Sleep patterns | Trying to go to bed early, then up every 90 minutes until about 3 AM and then up every 30-60 mins until my alarm for work at 5:45

Best moments this week | Lots of family time and getting happy news today. The cooler weather and onset of fall. Starting a new Life Group at church. Taking sunrise and sunset pictures every day (they’ve been amazing this week!) – hoping to catch the birthday sunrise for the baby book. A caramel latte from Panera after work yesterday and attending a baby shower for a friend after work today! And splurges.


Looking forward to | Meeting our son.

What I miss | Bending, getting in and out of my car and bed easily

Messages and prayers | I appreciate all my friends’ prayers this week! E has been begging the baby to “Wake up! Come out! Doctor get baby out and E gets a new present!”


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3 responses

24 09 2014

You can do it! You’re so close!

25 09 2014

Thank you! I read your comment several times today – I needed the encouragement!

25 09 2014
Emily H

I love this: “E has been begging the baby to “Wake up! Come out! Doctor get baby out and E gets a new present!”

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