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19 09 2014

Linking today with Karli and Amy for oh hey Friday!


A few splurges I’ve made recently and how I saved a little… at 39 weeks, I needed the pampering! Speaking of 39 weeks, my prenatal appointment last night started out slightly terrifying: I was in the waiting room sitting by a woman whom I could tell was highly agitated by the way she was talking to other people around her about issues she was having. She finally got called back, along with everyone else in the waiting room – one by one – except me. By the time the lady gruff scary woman came back out, I was the only one left in the waiting room. She stormed into the room from a little consultation office where she had been meeting with a staff member, screaming threats and profanity at anyone and everyone listening. Immediately seeing that she was getting crazy out of hand, I ducked my head, hugged my belly, and beelined behind the checkout desk, where I hid for a few moments until the staff could call the police and unlock the main access to the patient rooms for me. They escorted me back to a safe, empty room and told me to wait there while they ensured the waiting room was cleared and got the information about the woman’s car from witnesses outside.

And that didn’t even send me into labor.

Here’s my five:

oh hey ONE | My Simplified Planner arrived!* This year, I opted for the slimmer weekly edition. My friend and I went in together to split the shipping, so we saved a teensy bit. Now if only Emily Ley would come out with an August-to-July version for us teachers!

simplified planner

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oh hey TWO |

This elbow-patch cardigan from In Bloom Boutique. I’ve been wanting one since last fall. It’ll be an easy transition piece from my maternity clothes back to normal clothes. I used RetailMeNot to find a coupon code for 15% off, and I paid using my PayPal balance of random things I’ve sold on eBay. So it was free!

elbow patch cardi

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oh hey THREE | I booked a mini trip to the Williamsburg Lodge for this fall after baby comes. It was actually a win-win. I have a work conference there that falls during my maternity leave. By going to this conference, I will actually get paid to work those days (“intermittent maternity leave”) AND get reimbursed for the whole trip. It was a no-brainer, really. And I’ll get lots of Amazon credit card points (see #4) and Ebates cash back for booking the trip.


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oh hey FOUR |

After looking at a zillion diaper bags that would fit enough things for both of my kids (read: their cloth diapers), I finally settled on a Ju Ju Be “BFF” and started to notice that the prices fluctuated quite a bit on Amazon depending on the day and time, so I stalked the one I wanted for several days until the price dropped by almost half, then snagged it. (It’s back up to full-price now.) I used my baby registry completion discount for an extra 10% off and Amazon credit points to pay. My favorite features: the memory foam straps and changing pad, the temperature-sensitive bottle compartments, the luggage feet on the bottom, and the front-zip access, which will be easier to close. At the last second, I selected a print other than the one I had wanted originally – that’s pregnancy brain for you!

JJB diaper bag


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oh hey FIVE | 

Does a routine trip to the chiropractor count as a splurge? That’s how I started off my week – with heat therapy and an adjustment after work – my chiropractor’s office is about an hour from my job, so it amounted to a lot of driving. I also got a nice gift from them just for being a teacher, since it’s back to school season. I did a bit of shopping for the baby afterward while I was in the city, spending only 85 cents after giftcards and coupons!

I hope you have a happy Friday!

*not compensated for any of my reviews. I will get credit for any Ebates referrals. 




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19 09 2014
Kelly Mock

This girl loves a good planner too!

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