39 Weeks | Bumps and Wiggles

17 09 2014

So… big news! Today is my 200th blog post! And, more importantly, one of my last bump dates (I hope!).

Bumpdate blog

39 Weeks | Bumps & Wiggles

39 weeks pregnancy 2014

Emotions | Anxious and sooo excited

Gender | Boy!


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Names | Excited to share soon enough!

Affirmations | So.much.pain. Counting down the days.

Signs of labor | Braxton Hicks all the time and dilated 2 cm at my last appointment.

Baby size | Approx. 20″, 7.25 lb., and the size of a mini WATERMELON (next week: pumpkin!)

To do this week | rest? family time? getting things ready

Things checked off list | 38-week midwife appointment and my baby shower! My husband prepped lots of homemade freezer meals: blueberry pumpkin French toast, enchiladas, garlic lemon chicken, pork chops, and bread crumb macaroni & cheese. We also used our baby registry completion coupon on Amazon to order a few things for baby, and I shopped at Babies R Us to get a few last-minute essentials.

Movement felt | His movements are back to the way they felt a few weeks ago, so I’m hoping he’s spun back into the right position – I’ll find out tomorrow.

Cravings | Feeling full all the time and munching on Tums

Aversions | Hamburger, coffee

Workouts this week | Stretches to try to make baby to roll back into the correct position – he was posterior on Thursday even though he’d been in the correct position for the last 20 weeks (not breech, but facing forward with his back pressing against my spine)

Weight/size | Down 2 pounds from last week and belly measuring 35 cm. Will measure again tomorrow.

Sleep patterns | Up several times a night and waking early. Dreaming about labor.

Best moments this week | 2 baby showers! One with my husband’s side of the family, and one surprise gift shower at work that my friends threw for me!! Also, when my grandma called, just to check on me. 🙂

Low moment this week | My days being so long… Monday, I was away from home for 12 hours and only saw my son for a couple minutes before his bedtime. Last week, I had a 14-hour day of work. I need rest!

Looking forward to | The first glimpse.

What I miss | Sleeping on my belly. Comfort. Skinny jeans.

Messages and prayers to baby | Mommy, Daddy, and your big brother are ready when you are! We are praying so hard for a smooth delivery, especially knowing I’ll have to be hooked up to an IV for part of my labor (so not my style!) and knowing that you need to spin! I have an “ideal” birth plan, but we’ll see what happens!


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