Week 38 | Bumps and Wiggles

10 09 2014

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Week 38 | Bumps & Wiggles

38 weeks pregnancy 2014

Emotions | Excited, nervous, happy, wondering

Gender | Unexpected ultrasound Friday confirmed BOY

Names | Even my medical chart reads “It’s a secret!”

Affirmations | Muscle stretching/tearing along my abs, nerve pain, backache, heartburn

Signs of labor | Braxton Hicks. Baby’s head has dropped so low into bone that my midwife did an ultrasound because she thought he was breech

Baby size | 19.75″, 6.8 lb., roughly the size of a leek. My midwife estimated that baby will weigh around 7 lb 14 oz to 8 lb at birth.

To do this week | 38-week midwife appointment and a baby shower. The art teacher at my school is doing another painting for the nursery!

Things checked off list | 37-week midwife appointment, confirmed gender, decorated for fall, wrapped sibling gifts, interviewed a new daycare, installed the infant car seat, bought a 2015 calendar, had a yardsale, put hospital bags in the car, designed baby announcements (just missing pic/stats), trained my long-term sub, got CPR certified for my license renewal, went to the dentist. My husband started chipping away at cooking homemade freezer meals for once baby arrives.


Sibling gifts!


Hospital bag, Boppy, diaper bag, and “last minute bag” of stuff I’m still using and can’t pack


Read this book to E

Movement felt | Hiccups, constant movement, punches as strong as kicks

Cravings | None

Aversions | Hamburger, morning coffee

Workouts this week | balance ball and CPR training

Weight/size | Up a few more pounds but still under my final weight from E’s pregnancy

Sleep patterns | Up several times at night. Got up at 2 AM today, ate at 4, and never went back to sleep

Best moments this week | A free ultrasound when my midwife suspected that my baby was breech. After she saw that he was in the right position, she confirmed the gender again and played around on the ultrasound for 30 more minutes, even letting me see the 3D. I watched him drinking the amniotic fluid, I looked at all his toes (different than E’s looked!), and I gazed at his face and his button nose.

9-5-14 ultrasound

37.5-week ultrasound

Low moment this week | My son has an upper respiratory infection and is mis-er-a-ble. My husband took him to the doc this morning, and the change in routine made several people at daycare think that baby was here!

Looking forward to | Baby shower, holding my little boy very soon, and watching E meet his new little brother

What I miss | A lot of things…

Messages and prayers to baby | God, I know this is a silly and selfish request, but this week, I pray for your timing with baby’s arrival.  I praise you that I was able to get through all the things I needed to do today on virtually no sleep – a 14-hour workday starting with training with my long-term sub and ending with a CPR certification, all while E is sick again. But more earnestly, I pray that baby does not arrive tomorrow. I know 9/11 evokes so many different memories and emotions for everyone and I’m hoping baby can hold off for a different birthday. It’s silly, but that’s my heart tonight. Amen.


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