oh hey, Friday | Finally September!

5 09 2014

It’s finally baby month! (Unless baby waits til October – I have NO desire to induce, so if he waits, I’ll wait, too.) I have so much to do – I only have 4 evenings this entire month where I don’t have some sort of meeting/training/doc appointment after work, and baby gets here in 20(ish) days! I’m grateful for my 2014 Simplified Planner and that a friend was able to order me a 2015 weekly SP when they went on sale this week so that I can keep track of our messy, precious life!

 Linking up with Karli and Amy for oh hey, Friday!

oh hey ONE | In case you missed it, my little family of 3 went to a Safari Park for Labor Day! We fed all sorts of animals, including giraffes, and two zebras stuck their heads in my car. It was our one last hurrah before baby arrives.  

 Safari Park 9-1-14 3


oh hey TWO | I lied. I said it was our last hurrah, but then last night on a whim, we rode elephants. And by “we,” I mean the non-pregnant family members. Because I’ve already ridden a camel in my lifetime and wanted to be fair. We were actually at a free dinner for my husband’s work, and the elephants were in the parking lot right beside our car as part of a traveling circus. Why not? Plus, E would not stop demanding, “I ride on the elephants!!” – how could we say no?




oh hey THREE | Before the elephants, we practiced riding on a much smaller scale, on a bike. (This hand-me-down bike used to be pink, sparkly, and Barbie — someday I’ll finish the blog I’ve drafted about how the boys ditched the glitz.)

9-3-14 bike




oh hey FOUR | I’m hoping to chisel out some quiet time this month to enjoy some reading and my favorite candle warmer, which I just pulled out after a 5-year hiatus. I reserved this book early in the summer and was #54 on the waiting list at the library. I know it’s going to be a tear-jerker… 

9-4-14 book and candle***

oh hey FIVE | I created some 8×10 subway art as a festive fall printable to display in our entryway as part of our fall decor. I scoured tons of fall printables on Pinterest, but I like mine more personalized. Want to see it? You’ll just have to visit me when baby comes!



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