Babymoon on Safari!

4 09 2014

Knowing that our little man should be arriving sometime this month (this month!), my husband and I took advantage of the 3-day weekend to spend as much quality time as a family-of-3 as possible!

Natural Chimneys | On Saturday, we met up with his family at Natural Chimneys to revisit the rock formations and peek into the caves.! That afternoon, we visited a local cloth diapering store and scored BOGO gelatos at another small business – much more up to my 36-week pregnant speed! We finished off the day by riding on our local kiddie train (5 laps around the park for $1), feeding the ducks, playing on the playground, and visiting at a 1950s diner.

Natural Chimney 8-30-14

train and gelato 8-30-14

Sunday was our last day of teaching preschool at church, and we also signed up for a new Life Group for the year. We celebrated a birthday at my in-laws’ house, and E sang happy birthday to his chocolate cupcake.

Safari Park | On Monday, my husband had a rare holiday off from work, so we planned one last day trip. We’d been wanting to visit the Safari Park since we moved to the area, but I’m glad we waited until E was two – the perfect age to enjoy the experience! Once again, my gas light turned on when we arrived (sometimes I still miss my Prius!), but that didn’t stop us from driving the 180-acre property to feed the safari animals from our windows. We then hiked all over the zoo area of the park, even getting a chance to hand-feed the giraffes.

Safari Park 9-1-14

Safari Park 9-1-14 2


Tug-of-war with the camels for my feed bucket. They won.

Safari Park 9-1-14 3

Safari Park 9-1-14 4

I took a ton of pictures, but I’ll definitely treasure the videos I took even more – E’s demanding reactions to each animal were priceless! 

I hope you and your family enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! And despite all the Labor Day jokes, the heat, and all the hiking and walking I did… there was no baby laboring for this momma!






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5 09 2014
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