Week 36 | Bumps and Wiggles

27 08 2014

Bumpdate blog

Week 36 | Bumps & Wiggles

36 weeks pregnancy 2014 edit

Emotions | Sooo excited!

Gender | Boy

Names | Surprise, but the kids at the school where I work are relentless!

Affirmations | Heartburn, backache. Swollen ankles are long gone – whew! I also have a virus, which I got checked out today. My whole family has it.

Signs of labor | Lots of contractions but luckily no more painful ones. Have my bags mostly packed, just in case!

Baby size | 18.75″, 5.75 lb., approx. the size of a crenshaw melon or coconut

To do this week | Install car seat

Things checked off list | So much!!

  • 35-week appointment, 36-week appointment, talked to midwife about labor options, updated my birth plan
  • Bought a sibling gift for baby with E
  • Bought a sibling gift for E from baby
  • Washed receiving blankets and baby equipment and set it up
  • Ordered his baby book
  • Confirmed FMLA paperwork was faxed to work
  • Secured my long-term substitute at work and finished all sub plans
  • Drafted an email with hospital instructions for family
  • Turned our guest-room into a toddler room, cleaned out the closet, and completely moved E’s stuff in!!
  • Cleaned the house, even the 3rd floor!
  • Scheduled next 4 midwife appointments.
  • Worked on a baby registry

Movement felt | All the time. The midwife told me another reason it hurts so much is because my ribs are currently expanding. Still wearing my maternity belt.

Cravings | House dressing from the Cheese Shop

Aversions | Hamburger, morning coffee

Workouts this week | Teaching preschool at school and church. Lots of walking and standing at work.

Weight/size | Up 2 pounds from last week and belly measuring 36 cm for 36 weeks

Crazy dreams and sleep patterns | There was a room in my church full of giant animatronic robots purchased during a career of mission trips… along with rivers, cliffs, and half a roller-skating rink. Lots of other similarly-weird dreams.

Best moments this week | E’s eyes lighting up when he was trying to poke and feel the baby and the baby was moving and kicking back. He loves talking to the baby, especially when he’s moving. Also, watching E play with the baby equipment, talking softly and spreading blankets over them.

Low moment this week | Today’s midwife appointment not going as well as I would have liked

Looking forward to | Fall weather/clothes/decor/activities/colors/scents with our boyS

What I miss | My immune system

Messages and prayers to baby | Everything with this pregnancy is so different than my last one, and I found out today my labor will be different as well, but I pray that you will be born healthy and strong. As you grow these last handful of weeks, I pray for your relationship and friendship with your big brother E – I know he’ll love you as much as we already do. Mommy and Daddy prayed that you two would be close in age, and now we pray that you’ll be close as brothers and best buddies. Today E bumped into my belly and gave you a hug and a kiss and a “sorry.” It was so sweet! He is very ready to meet you – so are we!


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