iPhone died | Perfect day

26 08 2014


Let’s back up. My iPhone died over the weekend. Read: it lost all in/outgoing texts, all contacts, incoming calls, etc. No biggie. Just a handful of weeks until my due date, I don’t need a working phone… I decided not to worry about it for a second and sort it all out at the phone store this week.

This afternoon started with getting to leave work on time and making it through all my errands despite the gas light on the whole time (Seinfeld episode, anyone?). And then a shopping trip – sans toddler – to Target for some earrrrly Christmas shopping (because it’s easier now!) and some deals on toddler shoes. Then I picked up aforementioned toddler from a great day at his daycare/school where he brought home his first homework (coloring) assignment. Arrived home to a big package from Amazon full of fun things: a new baby book, a gift that the baby will give to E, and a gift that E will give to baby in the hospital. The baby book prompted E to want to see his own matching baby book – precious.

My hubby got home and we headed to the phone store, where I picked out a new phone, got a huge rebate, and found out that Lifeproof cases now come in my favorite color. And when I was told my iPhone, in a desperate self-preserving attempt to retrieve more data storage, erased ALL my contacts without my permission, I didn’t even flinch. I was having a perfect day and am looking forward to a new baby in 4 weeks and who cares if I have to ask people for their numbers? Oh, and when E broke my old Lifeproof case in the store, I just laughed.

They told me I was the “ideal customer.”

Then we went out to a local deli for a yummy dinner followed by BOGO-free Pumpkin Spice Latte frappuccinos from the Target cafe. I had a few more BH contractions when I got home – exciting!

Once at home, my toddler requested to “rock with Mommy” and recapped his whole day, giving me dozens of kisses, telling me he loves me, and reminding me for the zillionth time that the baby would be bringing him a present when he arrives. And off to sleep!

And then. I sat down to setup my new phone and checked my iTunes for when my last phone backup was, and it was Aug. 21, 2014. Five days ago. Who knew? Virtually nothing was lost and all was restored. And there were all my contacts, right where they belonged.

So now when baby comes, I can actually let people know. 😉




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