oh hey Friday | Williamsburg

22 08 2014

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8-17-14 Colonial Williamsburg

We spent a wonderful, busy weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia (where I grew up) so that my siblings and I could throw my parents a rustic Italian  40th anniversary party. Here are just a handful of our favorite places to visit around town, most of which have been places of employment for me*:

oh hey ONE |

My siblings and I spent the majority of our childhoods volunteering and working at Colonial Williamsburg, so it was only natural that we do my maternity photos in the scenic historic town. It was so much fun spending the morning with my sister as she took pictures!

Maternity photos 35 weeks


oh hey TWO |

We popped in the candy store where I used to work during college breaks to pick up some gifts. Even though they’ve renovated, it still smells exactly the same – yum!Wythe Candy


oh hey THREE |

We popped in a few outlets on our way out of town – I used to work at the J.Crew outlet. I was able to track down some Hanna Andersson PJs I’ve wanted for almost a year! I could never justify paying full-price, but I got them 40% off. The Christmas rack of PJs made me sooo happy. I loved the matchy-matchy big brother-little brother PJs, but the one I bought didn’t have a matching infant set.

I had our son fitted at Stride Rite and learned that he’s an 8.5 already! Guess it’s time to retire his 4-5 Crocs and all the 7.5-8 shoes I just bought on consignment 2 weeks ago. Whoops. 🙂



oh hey FOUR |

CHEESE SHOP. My favorite lunch of all time. I don’t even care that I’m pregnant and it was roast beef. I’m sure it’s the freshest around. I always order Roast-beef-and-cheddar-on-French-with-House and a bottle of Chownings Tavern root beer. Perfection. (This is where I lunched every Saturday from age 10-18 when I worked for Colonial Williamsburg.)

Cheese Shop

As you can see, I ate this signature sandwich on my wedding day – the ONLY time I didn’t finish the whole thing:

Cheese Shop - wedding day


oh hey FIVE |

My family’s house! Cleaning up after pulling off a fun, successful anniversary party for 70 with my siblings!


*no compensation for the raves

Happy Friday!!




2 responses

22 08 2014

So JEALOUS of four!

22 08 2014

I’m jealous of your #4! I just gave up my classroom for an office space

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