Week 35 | Bumps and Wiggles

20 08 2014

Bumpdate blog

Week 35 | Bumps and WigglesMaternity photos 35 weeks

Emotions | Happy

Gender | Boy

Name | A surprise

Affirmations | Backache, heartburn, swollen ankles and feet (recap of 3rd Trimester Favorites here). Loving my maternity belt.

Baby size | 18″, 5.25 lb., approx the size of a honeydew melon

To do this week | 35-week midwife appointment tomorrow, shop for sibling gifts, start bringing down baby stuff from attic to wash

Things checked off list | Maternity photos, chiropractor appointment (just one more before baby comes!), finished 12 weeks of sub plans for work

Movement felt | Always. And painful – sort of like constant rugburn. Lots of hiccups.

Signs of labor | None since last week!

Cravings | None, but drinking a lot of water

Aversions | Hamburger

Workouts this week | Went back to work – lots of walking. On my feet all weekend, causing my feet and ankles to swell. I picked up and carried a ton of metal folding chairs while cleaning up after the party we threw for 70 people so that we could return them to the church that night. Lots of walking around Colonial Williamsburg and outlets on Sunday.

Weight/size | 5 lbs below the final weight of my first pregnancy, with 5 weeks to go!

Crazy dreams and sleep patterns | Up 1-2 times per night. Uncomfortable at night but sleeping soundly.

Best moments this week | Maternity photos with my sister, throwing a 40th anniversary party for my parents, and getting a thoughtful phone call out of the blue

Low moment this week | None I can recall!

Looking forward to | Fall weather!

What I miss | My ankles.

Messages and prayers to baby | It’s crazy to think that you’re almost finished with the growing you’ll do on the inside before we meet you! And then once you’re here, you’ll take off again! I have so many things I want to pay more attention to this time around, and I pray that my labor and delivery with you will be healthy and safe, and that Daddy will help me be strong until you’re here.


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