oh hey Friday | linkup

15 08 2014

Linking today with Karli and Amy for oh hey, Friday and a quick recap of our week!

oh hey ONE | 

8-11-14 1st day of school

This week we were back to school for real, and E is back to his school (daycare) and in a new class. He seems to like it – a lot of the kids and teachers are the same. He has to wear Pull-ups and make trips to the potty now that he’s 2. I also got a new co-counselor this week, and we’ll be sharing an office before/after my maternity leave. I already miss my friend who left, but this new guy seems great, too! Side note: This pic of E is actually Day 2 – my laptop erased Day 1 pics (where he was in dressy clothes) after I transferred them from my camera… 😦


oh hey TWO |


This happened. So adorable. They were making… 



oh hey THREE |

…this dessert pizza. We went to an engagement party for my husband’s brother and his sweet fiancée and brought this dessert – one of our favorites! Fresh fruit on a homemade cookie crust. 


oh hey FOUR |

34 weeks pregnancy 2014

This week, I hit 34 weeks… we are getting so close! Read my recap of how I almost went into early labor last Friday night HERE. I see my midwife every week now!


oh hey FIVE |

Looking forward to celebrating my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary with 70 friends and family this weekend, then doing our maternity/family photos before this little guy comes along for real!

Happy Friday!




8 responses

15 08 2014
Bekah Bruce

How sweet does your little guy look! That dessert pizza looks delicious! And you look so good for 34 weeks! How exciting!

16 08 2014

Aww thank you for your sweet words! And thanks for reading! 🙂

15 08 2014

I hope the pull-ups are going smoothly at daycare!

16 08 2014

I think they’re so gross!

15 08 2014
Jessica Dunlap

My little one is getting ready to move up to the 2s class too! Not looking forward to the potty training but I certainly am looking forward to not buying diapers 🙂

16 08 2014

Haha! I’m glad they help with potty-training but not happy they require Pull-ups… we cloth diaper and haven’t had to buy diapers since he was born, so this is all new! Thanks for reading!

16 08 2014
Lisa Pray

Happy 40th to your parents!! That’s amazing!! And I don’t think your baby-bump could be any more perfect 🙂 🙂

18 08 2014
Rebecca Petersen

That dessert pizza looks so good! Happy anniversary to your parents!

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