Week 34 | Bumps and Wiggles

13 08 2014

Bumpdate blog

Week 34 | Bumps & Wiggles

34 weeks pregnancy 2014

Emotions | Mixed about starting work, getting things set up for my long-term sub, and maternity leave with 2 little ones

Gender | Boy

Name | Keeping a surprise

Affirmations | Backache, heartburn (recap of 3rd Trimester Favorites here)

Baby size | 17.75″ long, 4.75 lb., approximately the size of an average cantaloupe

To do this week | Maternity photos! Helping to throw a party for 70 people.

Things checked off list | Packed a lot of hospital bag stuff and made lists, made a ton of progress on my maternity leave sub plans (12 weeks of lesson plans and schedules for 7 different grade levels of students). Got E settled back at daycare. Wrote a (flexible) birth plan to keep in my hospital bag along with other paperwork. Cleaned my closet. Hung some baby clothes in the nursery. Shopped for a few things at a local consignment sale.

Movement felt | Hiccups, large movements and small body parts sliding across my belly.

New category: Signs of labor | Friday night, I had contractions that lasted 5 hours – they were 1.5 minutes apart and 35 seconds long apiece, and very painful. After some research, I drank water and got on my left side, and they stopped for an hour. When I got up, they started back up again for another hour. I also had them sporadically throughout the next day. My midwife checked me today b/c of the contractions, and I’m 50% effaced with no dilation – whew! She also said she wouldn’t recommend bedrest or anything that would halt labor now that I’m 34 weeks – that means we’re getting close!! She also told me I really should have called the hospital Friday… my husband was right!

Cravings | Fruit, chicken salad sandwiches, DD iced coffee

Aversions | Hamburger

Workouts this week | Lots of stretching on my balance ball, walking around neighborhood

Weight/size | Midwife appointment today! The baby is getting heavy, and I’m glad I have my maternity belt for some relief during the day. I’m curious to know how much he will weigh at birth. My midwife said people would pay to have my total weight right now (ha!), but I’ll be happy to get back in shape as soon as I can! I miss running.

Crazy dreams and sleep patterns | Up several times throughout the night these days. Our dog is sleeping in the garage now, which helps!

Best moments this week | Picking E up from a great first day back at daycare. He kissed his best girlfriend on the lips when he was saying goodbye. ❤ He comes home in the evenings in a great mood!

Low moment this week | The first drive back to daycare when I went back to work

Looking forward to | Getting into a routine, the weather changing to fall

What I miss | Spending whole summer days with E. Sleeping comfortably throughout the night. And being able to rock E to sleep with no pain – it’s really hard to rock him and baby bump together while trying simultaneously to breathe, along with all the things E insists on holding while we rock (2 Wubbanubs, a large blanket, a huge Mickey Mouse doll, and usually some other small plastic toys).

Messages and prayers to baby | You’re so close to being here, and yet we still have about 6 weeks, which seems like forever! We can’t wait to meet you, but we want you to be born healthy and full-term, so hold tight in there. It was quite a scare this weekend to have such painful contractions so early on!


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