Third Trimester Favorites

11 08 2014

Here are some of my favorite things that are easing me through the symptoms of my 3rd trimester. I’m not endorsing any of these products or services, nor am I being compensated. Because of my history of back pain, I’ve found these to be most helpful for my circumstance!

Third Trimester Favorites

1| Gaiam balance ball – I swiped the ball from my home-office chair and have been stretching on it in the evenings. I actually have 2, so my son likes to stretch on his with me. I wish the ones in the hospital were smaller like mine! I didn’t like the massive one they offered when I was in labor. 

2| Aura Cacia, Soothing Organic Milk & Oat Bath, Lavender – I’ve used this twice and love it! I’d love to be able to use it once a week, but who has the time? It’s made with essential oils.

3 | Sports bra – I took my midwife’s advice and switched to wearing sports bras instead of my Motherhood Maternity, professionally-fitted, very expensive nursing bras. Who knew! A lot of my upper back pain subsided once I switched. Nothing fancy, Target C9 is fine. I have plenty from all my running training.

4 | Gabrialla medium support maternity belt – I try to keep this on during all waking hours, and it takes a lot of the pressure of the baby off my spinal fusion. (eBay, $19/free ship). 

5 | Chiropractor – Following back surgery with an orthopedic surgeon, I went to physical therapy for years, then finally switched to a chiropractor who did x-rays, foot scans, and came up with a treatment plan that included routine maintenance and custom orthotics for my flat feet. I’ve been seeing him for years now, and more frequently during my pregnancies.

6 | Pregnancy support pillow – I don’t have the one pictured, but that’s what came up on my Google image search. I’m pretty sure my son will steal mine for his crib once I’m done with it, because he treats it like a family member and has to say goodnight to it every night, affectionately naming it “Wuggie.”

I also enjoy my off-brand yellow Tums, Maxi skirts, and prenatals with magnesium. 



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