oh hey Friday!

8 08 2014

Ahh!! My last day of summer break! Linking up with Karli and Amy for oh hey Friday, then sliding out of here to spend the whole day with my adorable strawberry-blonde mini-me.

oh hey ONE |

My neighbors planted sunflowers, and we are reaping the benefits of them peeking over our fence! I love them so much!

8-6-14 sunflowers 2


oh hey TWO |

Starbucks is back to carrying chocolate croissants again! I used to splurge on these in college every once in awhile and recently have only found them at Panera. I’ve also made them at home a few times. So when I got free Target Starbucks coupons this week, this is how I spent them:

8-1-14 Starbucks8-1-14 Starbucks 2

It says: “We have ovens in so many locations, but for those that don’t, you’ll have to just pretend the butter is melting!” (I pretended.)


oh hey THREE |

One of my first projects in August as a school counselor is sorting and distributing any donated school supplies to the kids in need. Even though I had a zillion other things to do on my summer workdays this week, I gratefully unpacked all the United Way boxes so that I could reclaim my office. I love seeing all the new school supplies! Most of them are currently in that tiny red cabinet. (Now you know why a cabinet collapsed on me a month ago!)

8-6-14 back to school


oh hey FOUR |

I’ll post a recap later, but I cannot BELIEVE that the sun never came out during our 5 days at the beach this week! Unless you count 2 brief sunsets and the time the sun finally DID come out as we were pulling out of the driveway to start our 9-hour drive home! I have never experienced so much cold, splattering rain and incessant lightning! But we still had the best time, and we didn’t have to worry about any sunscreen all week!



It rained immediately before and after I took this beach photo! 


oh hey FIVE |

I love consignment sales. Where I live, we have several that are held twice a year, and today is the fall/winter sale. As E gets older, there isn’t’ as much to choose from (toddlers wear their clothes out!), but I’m excited to look at fall newborn clothes and some toddler shoes.


Happy Friday!



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8 08 2014

Fun! I’m going to a sale next weekend. I plan on making this weekend some major G time since these past two days of in service have eaten up the remainder of my summer. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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